Sunday, April 7, 2013

La Vie En Rose (Part II)

Woohoo! Finally have some time to squeze in a short blog post before the weekend ends.
Today's post is going to be about food!

Few weekends ago, I decided to bring Babe to La Vie En Rose because he was feeling down and stressed out and what not.
I chose to go there again after my first time with OCY last year because I was (sort of) craving for good food and he was feeling blue so why not!

We were the only customers there at that time...but it was more like a brunch than breakfast already.. :-X

Pardon the sleepy face and huge eyebags. :(

After placing our orders, as usual, they served us the appetizers!

Oven fresh pastries! Lotsa of them and it's refillable!

Yogurt with apple sauce, anyone?

The main course I ordered was eggy, which comes with eggs benedict, scrambled eggs and a super huge sausage!

My very first eggs benedict. Loved how the flowy egg yolk mixed really well with the vege and bread underneath it.

I love the main course I ordered! I didn't expect the sausage to be so meaty and full of flavour!
And the sauce on the eggs benedict was simply out of this world...I've never tasted any sauce like that before and I liked that it makes me feel like it's worth the money spent. :P

Babe ordered smokey! It came with duckmeat shepherd's pie, grilled bacon strips and mushrooms on French toast and smoked salmon with scrambled eggs.

Initially, I was a tad sad that my favorite roasted potatoes are not in the list of food we ordered but wala! They served us the potatoes as well but I have no idea which main course it came with. :P

Roasted potatoes yummy as usual!

Smoked salmon on scrambled eggs.

Bacon strips + mushrooms on French toast.

Duckmeat shepherd's pie.

This time around, I managed to try different mains as compared to the one I tried when I went with OCY.
I've gotta say though, the food in La Vie En Rose never disappoints despite the bill amounts to ~RM150.

But what's life if you do not enjoy it while you still can?
One of the things I enjoy doing is eating good food, hence the post! *now that explains the fat face*


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