Saturday, April 27, 2013

How Many Years Have We Been Together?

That's the question I've been asked a lot of times recently.

Honestly, this time around, it took me quite a few seconds before I managed to tell them the answer - more than 9 years. Say whaaat?

Yes, I think age has caught up unfortunately. Anyway, to celebrate our 9 years together, we decided to go back to where it all started - PENANG!!!

Hitting the road!
Candid shot but I like.

Won this nude trench Dior lipstick from Cleo! Thanks! :D

My favorite material things :)

Random: My mom bought hokkien mee (prawn noodles) for breakfast!

So upon reaching Penang, we wasted no more time and I started off the celebration by bringing Babe to his surprise anniversary gift - a well-deserved spa somewhere near Gurney! It was worth it because he was surprised! :D

Our first time doing spa together. :)

Love the ambiance and the tea, too!

I love the spa experience! It was my first time at a spa although I was a little shy that she (the masseuse) stripped me down till my bottom but the massage was oh-so-amazing!!!

Oh hi! Glad that you enjoyed it. 

Next up, it's my surprise..hehe. Babe took me to Bayview Beach Resort where he prepared the room with all our photos throughout the 9 years together..forgot to snap a photo of the album but oh well *melts*

Trying to be all touristy, borrowed the beach dress from sis. Heee.

For dinner, Babe took me to the famous Rasa Sayang Resort & Spa buffet dinner........yums! The last time I went there was with OCY and Evelyn when they had a farewell for me for leaving Penang. Time flies!!!

Preparing for dinner. Nude dress from H&M, London in 2010. 

I just can't wait to share with you guys the food photos I took during the dinner! The buffet spread there was as usual, very delicious and I like that it includes many different types of cuisine!

Colorful how the colors pop out!


Marshmallows, anyone? ;)

Can someone tell me what's this? 


A simple yet somewhat luxurious looking ice cream.

Babe took this dessert. His love for macarons never dies..

After all the hoo-hahs during buffer dinner, both of us could barely walk ourselves out of the restaurant. To those who haven't tried before, go for it! It's a tad expensive but anniversaries only come once a it was worth it. :)

Babe bought langsat for his dad.

To end the post, I just want to let Babe know that these 9 years haven't been easy and I'm glad we are still going through it together. I cannot express in words how much joy you have brought to my life and although there were tears along the journey as well, I know you'll always be there to wipe 'em tears away.


PS: We were pretending to look far ahead into our future~ turned out a bit funny though. Haha. :P



adrienne said...

What a sweet post T_T!!

Nice photos there too CL! Like KQ said, those are dried figs on sticks. To me, they taste like dried dates but with a different texture.

CL said...

Aww..thanks Adryn!! :D

I never knew they're called figs! :P

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