Saturday, March 16, 2013

Sight Seeing Sydney!

Back to my holiday post on Australia (all these photos are making me eager for my upcoming holiday!!), after we have had enough of Gold Coast (who am I kidding, how can I ever get enough of the beach!), time to fly off to SYDNEY, baybeh!!!

Of all the places we stayed in Australia, I LOVE the serviced apartment in Sydney the most. If I am not wrong, it's not as expensive as the apartment with stayed in Melbourne and most important of all, it's really nice, clean and cosy!! Hmm should probably adopt that kind of style in my future house!

Meriton Serviced Apartments at Campbell Street - totally RECOMMENDED!

TV Set


We reached Sydney at about 3-ish in the afternoon and we only had 1 night in Sydney..yup you heard that right. Can't afford to waste anymore time so right after checking in, we changed and ready to do all the touristy stuff which of course includes the Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge!

Great weather to be walking around the city.

A bank in Sydney. Would love to work in such different environment! :P

In front of one of my favorite brands although I haven't bought any Burberry stuff yet. Haha.

One of the things on my to-do list in Australia is to visit Koko Black and Max Brenner, both are very famous chocolate shops in Australia. I managed to visit Koko Black when we were in Melbourne but I was dying to try the hot chocolate in Max Brenner! Lucky for me, we walked pass Max Brenner while on our way to the Harbour Bridge!

Someone looking smart~

Took a snapshot with the bald man.

Nice settings in the restaurant.

Lovely chocolates at Max Brenner.

Signature hot chocolate. Got it at last!! :D

After which we continued our journey to one of the must-visit spots in Sydney - Harbour Bridge!
Unfortunately, the walkway to the middle of the bridge was closed and we only managed to take some photos with the awesome-looking buildings.

One of the few best shots taken at the Harbour Bridge. #OOTD: Dress from Topshop.

Next place we visited was the Opera House! Love how the place was still pretty much alive although it was already kinda late..

Hello Harbour Bridge! You look stunning!

Waiting for my risotto.

Love the color of this photo!

If you notice the amount of people below where I was standing was crazy! These are the people who were just chilling and enjoying the beautiful scenery, ahh, my kind of people! :D

With dear.

Breathtaking Sydney skyline.

We spent a couple of hours at the Opera house and its surrounding area just to take in as much as we can before we left Australia the next day.

It's such a shame that our time in Australia was so short but nonetheless, it's left a big mark in my heart that Australia is hands down a nice place to live in.

If I were to choose, I'd prefer Melbourne because I love the hustle bustle of city life although it'd be nice to unwind once in a while in places like Gold Coast while Sydney...let's just say I need to come back to Sydney again!!

That's the end of my Aussie adventure last year! Can't wait to pay Australia another visit in the near future I hope! :)


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