Sunday, March 17, 2013

Because Girls Are Beautiful

So Valentine's Day has passed about more than a month ago and I've only had time to blog about it now..pfft.

Anyway, this year's V Day fell on the 5th day of the Lunar Year and if you're wondering how we spent it, it was in the car driving back from Penang to KL and oh, meeting Daphne Iking in person!! *fan girl mode*

To me, V Day is just like any other day of the year..except that florists get more business on this very day and girls feel like they should be more pampered on such an important date of the year - which I, of course agree because girls should always feel pampered, every single day!

To guys out there, here are some tips to make your girls feel pampered and loved (and these do not apply only on special occasions):

i) surprise her when she least expects it
   It is a norm for everyone to expect something to be done on a special day (eg: birthday, V Day, 
   anniversary), but if you carry out the surprise on a normal day, I believe she'll appreciate it even more than
   all those annual occasions.

ii) take initiative to bring her to try new things /do things she likes
    After some time, things will become a routine. Try to spark the feelings up by doing things she might like
    (yes, I'm speaking on a girl's behalf so it's gonna be what she likes) which you usually won't do with her.
    It can be as simple as shopping but just make sure when you shop with her, don't sit by the side playing
    with your gadget. At the very least, give her some opinions so that she can choose the exact opposite if
    she knows you have bad taste.

iii) do not use the word "Chill" whenever she gets anxious or nervous about things you do
     This is something I borrowed from Mynn from Red FM. Babe uses "Chill" all the time at me whenever I
     tell him that he's using the wrong road or he should not do this or that. It pisses me off every time
     because girls basically don't like that. He never changes anyway.

............that's all for now I guess. I need some time to complete the list.

But will the list ever end? I wonder..........

But of course, these are from my personal experiences and opinions which a lot of guys seem to be ignoring especially when they have been in a relationship for many, many years.

Anyway, I hope everyone had a great V Day!

Thanks for the bouquet!


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