Sunday, February 24, 2013

Kids These Days

As much as I have a lot of things to say here in my blog, I have been very tied up with work for the past week and today, I happened to come across the "Ask Thelma" - not sure if that's the name of the section - and felt the urge to share the article here.

Disclaimer: Reason I'm still reading the Star newspaper is not because I'm supporting it, but because it's subscribed in the house I'm staying in KL and I'm not paying for the subscription so I have no say in it.

Anyway, the title of the article is "A hellish life without a mobile phone", sent in by a 19 year-old girl who claims that she's going through a horrible life because first of all, all her friends at school have mobile phones.

"I have been through all the mental tortures that a student or a teenager shouldn’t have. My parents don’t understand my feelings and don’t get why at 19, I need a handphone!
It’s the most embarrassing thing in a teenager’s life!
Children younger than I am are using expensive smart phones, but I don’t even have a cheap one – you know, the kind from the “stone ages”. Among all my friends, I’m the only one who doesn’t own a phone." - excerpt from the article.

From what I read, I am thinking that this poor girl is going through some peer pressure. So her parents are not buying her phones while her elder sister got a loan from the father to buy an S3. 

I can't believe how spoilt kids are these days. Back during my days (in fact we're only 7 years apart), I worked my ass off as a part time sales assistant during school holidays to get my first mobile phone when I was 15. Then after a few more years of doing part time jobs, I saved enough to fork out about RM600 for my driving license. And you think all those can come so easily without any hard work?

Initially I wanted to talk about the suicide attempts she did but come to think of it, that is not the main point of this blog post, so I'll just skip. But seriously, what is happening to the world? Kids as young as 1 year old (or younger) are already busy fiddling with iPads and whatever tabs there are in the market. It's one thing to be technology-literate but it's another thing to have a REAL LIFE (which involves playing at the field with real friends aka non-virtual friends). I can only imagine how sociable they will be when they grow up.

This girl here is a classic example of kids this generation. You don't give them something, they attempt suicide. Time to learn to be more independent, kiddies. Nothing comes for free and suicide won't make anything better.



adrienne said...

You're amazing, CL - you set your mind on what you wanted and worked for it. I remember your LG flip phone; was that the said RM600 phone? :)

Haha I'm 99.5% sure that when I have kids, they'll be swiping their tiny fingers on my smart phone or tablet - it sounds like a quick & easy way to keep them entertained! Still can't figure out how to fit 'raising kids' on top of all my workload at the moment :P

CL said...

Haha..thanks, Adrienne! I don't remember the price of the LG flip phone and it's scary how you remember it!! :O

I guess letting them play is ok as long as they're not addicted to it to the point that they don't spend time with real people. :P

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