Saturday, February 16, 2013

7th Day of CNY


Today (7th day of Chinese New Year) is known as 人日 in the Chinese lunar calendar, which means common man's day or the day which everyone is officially a year older, which also happens to be my real lunar birthday. :)
Received a birthday wish from my mom after midnight just now. :)

Anyway, since it's been a long week and I kinda have a lot of things to say (provided I have time for them here), I thought of just writing a short post before hitting the sack.

Outfit on the 1st day of CNY:
Top - Seed
Bottom - Sequined high-low shorts from Miss Selfridge

A close up shot of the collar. Love the beads! A break from the conventional metal tip.

The shorts were actually chosen by my mom when she was here in about trying to be fashionable, guess I need to learn from my mom haha! :S
Shoes - Primavera
Bag - Pierre Cardin

That's all for now! Gonna need some time to edit them photos.


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