Monday, January 28, 2013

Last Meals in Gold Coast

A short post on the night before we left Gold Coast!
In fact, we only managed to stay in Gold Coast for 2 days but I guess I see pretty much of the place already. :-/

We had our dinner along Surfers Paradise because old people have no strength left to go far after spending a whole day at Movie World.

Babe decided to splurge on our last night in Gold Coast so we ordered lobster and steak!
Actually seafood is abundant there so the prices are rather reasonable and obviously cheaper than in Malaysia!

The downside is that we had to wait for almost an hour (if I remember correctly) because there were just too many people but hey, other customers who came later got their food earlier than us! >:(

Still waiting for our food.

As a seafood lover, I couldn't resist the lobster!! *slurps*

Babe's lamb steak! Or was it beef? Can't recall.

Happy faces because dinner is served. :D

On our last day in Gold Coast, we basically couldn't travel far from the hotel as the airport transfer bus will pick us up from the serviced apartment we stayed at so we just chilled by the beach to get some sun kissed tan! 

Soak, soak, soaking up the sun!

Very strategically placed right hand. :D

Right at the Surfers Paradise entrance!

We managed to notice some of the lifeguards who were stationed there and boy, weren't they good looking. They didn't even have to show off their body. :P

The wannabe lifeguard. :P

We had our big breakfast at the same restaurant we had our dinner the night before because we are really uncreative like that.....

OCY look! It's your instax there! :)

Sydney is next! And we only spent less than a day there! Felt more like a pit stop but I'm not complaining! :P


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