Monday, December 3, 2012

Vincci Heels

Backdated Post:

So I bought a pair of new heels from Vincci! I have been dying for a new pair of heels and being a budget conscious babe, I bought this new pair at the Vincci outlet in Sunway Pyramid and got a 20% discount for it because I'm a Citibank card holder! Whee!

Original price: RM99; after 20% : RM 79.20. STEAL!!!

Side view.

It's about 3-4inch high, tad bit difficult for me to wear to work but whenever I put it on, I feel like my confidence is instantly elevated, not only my height!

To add to that, I've been a rather loyal Vincci supporter since a friend of mine told me how comfortable Vincci heels are even for work! I was sold!

I love how it matches my new nail polish I bought from Etude House at MR5.90!

Till the next update!


1 comment:

adrienne said...

I love Vincci shoes too! Prices are very good for the quality and design (in my humble opinion) :)

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