Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Off With Those Heads by b.liv, Cellnique

Backdated post:

This post will be about a product which everyone has been raving about since they started using it: Off With Those Head by b.liv.

How do I get this baby? I was lucky enough to have joined a contest on CLEO magazine (in fact I join every contest on CLEO because I have free credit so why not! :P) and lucky me, I won b.liv products worth RM180!

Okay okay, luck aside, this baby here is truly amazing I must say. Why? You're about to find out more.

With beauty-salon formulation, b.liv off with those heads is a sebum gel which is mainly used to clear blackheads + whiteheads . The box even states that money-back guaranteed within 2 weeks! How cool is that?! Say no more to squeezing and scratching with your dirty nails! :P

So, this is how to liquid looks like when pumped out:

According to the instruction, all you need is 2-3 pea-sized drops, just enough for your whole face or if you like, only apply it to the part with those problems.
The gel works to soften the clogging which blocks your pores (which obviously causes pimples!!) and it can keep oil secretion under control.

Excited to try, I used it almost immediately when I received my prize.
I didn't believe it as well until the moment I see those whiteheads started popping out of nowhere! Honestly, I don't even know I have that many whiteheads because they are usually invisible unless you try to squeeze them out.
It suddenly tops all my other skincare! :D I am SOLD.

The con of this product is that it costs around RM140 for a 30ml bottle like the one I have. But it does wonders! Give it a try! :)


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