Sunday, December 23, 2012

Of Sun, Sand and Surf!

Our Australia trip continued with our next stop which is famous for its sun, sand and surf and it's none other than............GOLD COAST!! Nope..not the one in Sepang.

Awesome awesome coast line from the air!

True to its fame, our days in Gold Coast was really different from Melbourne and Sydney. Besides the strong wind, the temperature was just nice and most importantly, we stayed at Beachcomber serviced apartment which is located less than 5 minutes walk to Surfers Paradise! :D

Hotels, hotels and more hotels along the coast.

Gold Coast is such a chillaxing place. Everyone here seems to be on holiday mood..despite that there are so many high-rise buildings, to me, my days there didn't feel like I was in a concrete jungle like how I feel when I'm in KL.

Properties by the lake, anyone?

Love how the water is so clear..everywhere!

Definitely a beach holiday place!

The plate says: Queensland - The Smart State

After checking in, we wasted no time to get to the Surfers Paradise. Meanwhile, dropping by a local restaurant for fish and chips!

But we were not alone on the beach...we have visitors.

The seagulls. I don't like them!!!

This is me on the lookout for them. :(

I couldn't even eat in peace because they were prying on our fish and chips!!! >:(

After that most of the time was spent chilling on the beach with really strong winds.

Babe with 2 hot Singaporean chicks behind.

Kinda crowded though.

Bringing some sand back. :P

The sand in Surfers Paradise is rather fine but the most annoying thing I'd say is still the seagulls. I can't tell if I'm sunbathing with bird poops in the sand or not but it looks clean la so wth..

Because we reached Gold Coast after lunch, we didn't do anything worthwhile (eg: visiting Movie World, Seaworld etc.) besides exploring the nearby shops and malls.

We bought the unlimited travel shuttle so we can just go to and fro the airport and sight-seeings places. For dinner, we took the shuttle to The Oasis mall, located slightly further away from the Surfers Paradise.

Having lunch at a local restaurant.

My dinner! Oh so small....I didn't notice that it's an appetizer but it's tasty though!

After that, we spent some time doing souvenir shopping but to be honest, at a moment it felt like a dead city because the roads became quiet and there were much less people around....this is not how I have always thought Gold Coast is!!! It should feel more happening!!!! :(

Part of the mall.

Had some gelato before heading back.

When I was browsing through our pics in Australia..I noticed most of the photos taken have my face in them. Oh well, can't help it since I lost my camera before the trip even please bear with me. :S


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