Sunday, December 2, 2012

Facial Treatment with Cres Wellness

As far as I remember, I have never been nor bothered to go to any facial before, which kinda explains why my facial condition worsen as age catches up.
Anyway, if you remember this post, I actually won a consolation prize!
In fact, I only came up with the blog post idea a day before the deadline of the contest. ;-/
So yea, consolation is really good enough! :P

As a consolation prize winner, I received a Cres Wellness-labeled transparent bag, pouch, towel and a facial treatment worth RM450 complimentary of Cres Wellness!
I can't even begin to describe my joy! :D

On my way to The Gardens for my first facial treatment!

The facial treatment I was rewarded with is their latest creation, known as Time-Release AquaCell Yoga Visage. Basically it aims to provide hydration to the skin and keeps it smooth and supple!

Sadly, I didn't manage to capture any photo of the Cres Wellness branch in The Gardens but just imagine friendly personnels with calming and soothing environment. 
The staff whom attended to me was Coco (if I remember correctly). She was really good! 
She gave me a really good back and shoulder massage after the treatment ended and that was simply amazing! I don't even think the massage I got from the spa in Koh Samui was comparable to this!

As a newbie in facial treatments, I didn't know that most, if not all, facial treatments include extracting of black and white heads. I almost teared but it was all good. :D

Here's a selca photo of myself right after the treatment. No make up at all! Love how my skin feels supple and looks radiant after the facial. :)
Even he complimented my face. :D

No, this facial treatment does not cure the eyebags. T__T


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Facial Treatments Melbourne said...

Facial treatments are really great. I deal with it trice already because it makes me feel so fresh.

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