Sunday, December 9, 2012

A Day With Furry Animals & Ferry Penguins

Day 2 in Australia was even amazing. My mentor recommended to me a local tour in Melbourne known as Bunyip Tour, which offers a variety of tour packages.
Babe and I booked one of the packages in advance which included a visit to the Moonlit Sanctuary, Churchill Island and the most exciting part was the Phillip Island where we can see cute penguins coming back from work! :D

Started the day off with a cuppa coffee in Pie Face. Pie Face reminded me a lot of Pret a Manger in London..they're everywhere!

The van from the tour came and picked us up right in front of the place we stayed. Awesome choice I tell you!

Staring blankly at the clouds while on the way to Moonlit Sanctuary.

Located at about 2 hours away from the Melbourne city, we finally reached Moonlit Sanctuary!

Moonlit Sanctuary or Moonlit Sanctuary Wildlife Conservation Park is a 25-acre biopark within the Pearcedale Conservation Park located at Pearcedale on the Mornington Peninsula near Melbourne Australia.

I obviously wiki-ed that.

What I like about this place is that the animals such as wallabies, kangaroos, ducks are allowed to roam freely!
Although obviously birds are caged but the main reason why I wanted to go there was for the koalas, wallabies and kangaroos!
I mean, what is visiting Australia without seeing them??! 

Yooo, waddup?

We bought some pellets to feed the wallabies and kangaroos! :)

See the baby kangaroo in mummy's pouch? So adorable.....

They must be really used to humans because they are not afraid of us at all!
All we did was sprinkle some food over to let them know we have food then they'll eventually hop cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Part of the scenery. I was hoping the spring/summer season would be greener but oh well, Australia is a desert anyway.

Next up is to cuddle the koala!!........well I didn't really cuddle because I was afraid of its claws...

AUD10 to cuddle a koala. :) It was worth it.

After that, we stopped by Churchill Island Heritage Farm. We got to see how sheeps are sheared, adorable working dog chasing after sheeps and turkeys and the beautiful scenery along the coast.

Watcha looking at? Mekkkkkkk

Poor sheep. But shearing is for their own good! :)

Babe playing with Zaphyr, the new working dog at the farm. Very obedient indeed!

With love.

Love the random flowers along the walkway.

Doing some stunts with the beautiful scenery behind us! :)

While on our way to the Koala Conservation Park, we stopped by the Woolamai Beach. It was windy as hell.

You can actually see the sand particles being blown by the strong wind... :-/

As the wind was not too friendly, most of the tourists stayed in the van while some daredevils made it all the way to beach. It didn't take long before we left for our next stop - the Koala Conservation Park!

In my opinion, the conservation park is quite a......erm boring place. But it's nice to see the koala in their natural habitat. But if you don't look carefully, you won't even know where they're hiding at!

Koalas probably sleeping. They sleep for like 20 hours a day? =.=

Had our simple tea time there, sandwiches + coffee/tea. I was already asking Babe when we are going to reach the Phillip Island!

Spotted cute grasses while on our way to see the penguins.

Stopped by an observation deck which overlooks the beautiful ocean. As usual chilly and windy. I look like that in most of the photos taken there. :-/

Sigh...isn't this pretty? Looks like icebergs!

Finally, we reached Phillip Island to watch the Penguin Parade! I was really hyped up and so was everyone else!
We were told that taking photos of the penguins while they're walking back from the shore will cause them to puke out their food and their chicks will not get any food to eat. :S
So we didn't manage to take any photos of the penguins but I swear they were soooooo adorable and we were like only 30cm apart??

So we ended snapping photos with soft toys. :P

That was most probably the highlight of our time in Melbourne. Less than 3 days but I was already hoping that I could actually live and work there! :S

Wearing Melbourne Uni hoodie because I can. :P

To make our last day in Melbourne count, we decided to have breakfast at The Hardware Sociéte - a famous place for brunch as recommended by Tracy.

I had scrambled egg

Breakfast done, it's time to head to our next destination. :D But before that we managed to drop by their famous Koko Black chocolate shop to satisfy some chocolaty craving! :D

Koko Black!

Sweet tooth Babe couldn't resist and bought a few truffles. :D

Walking back to the apartment to wait for airport transfer.

Bye, Melbourne! I'll come back again!



Quin said...

i can't stop LOL-ing on the hair in ur face pic. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA... and i don't think i'll dare cuddle a koala lo... >_<

CL said...

hahaha..I know right. The wind was really too strong.. :S and about the koala..I actually saw people cuddling it!! :S

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