Friday, November 30, 2012


As I'm sitting here alone at home, researching on the next best semi pro camera which I could get my hands on, I'm suddenly reminded of my Lumix GX1.
I lost my 1st and only semi pro camera due to pure carelessness. As much as I hate the fact that I lost it, I must admit that it was entirely my fault.

In fact, I don't even think I bought it at the right time. It was during one of the lowest points in my life where I felt like I don't deserve anything good.
Rewarding myself after something which I'm not proud of was totally a mistake.
I made that mistake because I was sad and unhappy about my non-existent achievement.

From then onwards, I never felt it belonged to me.
Sure I was excited and hyped about exploring a new camera, getting to know more on shutter speed, exposure, aperture, etc.
I felt like I could do almost everything a typical DSLR could.
The excitement lasted quite a good few months.

I brought it to ALL my holiday trips. First was Koh Samui with the girls, then Beijing, even to Malacca and then back to hometown.
Lumix (I have always liked to name my gadgets, but somehow this was not named) has been great, I even used it for random food shots or blog filler shots (not that I have time to update them).
But on my recent trip to Australia, due to my busy schedule at work, I managed to only pack my luggage an hour before I left for the airport, I almost forgot to bring along Lumix.
I hurriedly carry it with me on my way out along with my handbag.

It was about 7pm when we took the Skybus to LCCT. Being Skybus, it is usually not lit and because we were the last 2 to board the bus, we had to sit separately with an aisle apart. But that's beside the case.
After about a quarter past 8, we reached LCCT. I completely forgotten I had a black bag with Lumix sitting in the net compartment in front of me. I hurriedly walked down the bus so that I wasn't stalling anyone.

It was a bad, bad move. I left my Lumix there in the bus.
Worse, I only found out after more than hour in LCCT upon alighting from the bus.
Tell me about feeling belonged. I was devastated. I cursed myself...I have never cursed that much before in my life and I have no idea how cursing could make anything better because it obviously did not.
I cried myself all the way to Melbourne. I know it sounds silly but Lumix has been something I have been putting so much effort on, all those hard work I went through to get it just went to waste.
I was VERY disappointed with myself.

Now that I'm doing my research all over again for a new semi pro, I realized that...... was all just a memory.

Bye, Lumix. May you break down and spoil easily with your new owner. Thank you for your loyalty throughout the 8 months when we were together.

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