Saturday, October 27, 2012

One Day Trip to Malacca

Back in August, a few colleagues of mine decided to visit Malacca and I thought why not since I have only been there once and it was back in 2009!
It was my 2nd time travelling to Malacca and this time around I told myself, no matter what, I HAVE TO TRY THE CHICKEN RICE BALL.
And yay! I did, thanks to my colleague, LK and her husband and not forgetting Ines, one of the main reasons why we went there! :D

It was a really hot day in Malacca. I was sweating like mad the moment I got off the car. :-/
Our first stop was the chicken rice shop along Jonker Street, known as Hoe Kee Chicken Rice.

I'm not quite sure if it's the most famous chicken rice shop but we waited for quite some time for our food to arrive.

Part of the interior. Love how they still have the traditional feel to it.

After waiting for at least 30minutes or more?, our food arrived and we ordered 15 chicken rice balls if I'm not wrong.
As an avid chicken rice lover, I thought it was meh. Nothing really special but nonetheless it's something unique which originates from Malacca. So yea, it's a must-try!

Thumbs up because we are really nice people. :)

Taken in front of the Jonker Walk entrance with Ines & LK.

Same ol' Malacca.

As far as I remember, Malacca hasn't changed much since my first visit and it's really great that the culture is still being preserved nicely there.
One thing though, I didn't really see as many cats as I saw the last time near the St. Paul's ruins.

In front of the ruins.

On our way to quench our thirst,  we decided to drop by this quaint shop along Jonker street which sells all sorts of local products, ie: fish snacks, coffee, healthy drinks, etc.
It was packed with seas of humans. :-/ Can't even walk properly without hitting anyone's shoulders. :S

Part of the souvenirs the shop sells.

Finally, we have reached one of the famous cendol and laksa in Malacca: Jonker 88!
It was my first time there too..come to think of it, I sort of wasted my time in Malacca back in 2009 because I pretty much didn't eat all these food, no thanks to laziness. But we were lucky enough because my uni friend, Darren saw me on the street and took me to satay celup and not forgetting the cockles along a dodgy alley! Hahah.

The amount of people in Jonker 88 is CRAZY.

Malacca laksa!

It looked and tasted nothing like Penang laksa. Haha. You could say that I'm bias because I'm a Penangite but in fact, both shouldn't be compared at all as they are totally different.
But I'm not a big fan of anything that looks/tastes like curry mee so I guess I'll just pass.


Cendol with mango!
*oh god, I'm horrible with food names.
Being a person who is not a big fan of desserts, I can safely say that this was probably the climax of our trip. Nothing beats ice cold desserts on a hot sunny day in Malacca!! Did I say I got sunburnt on my shoulders after the trip? T__T

Next, we went up to the Menara Taming first time too because I didn't bother to go up this thing 3 years ago when I went with babe.
I don't know what the reason was but this time I changed my mine somehow. :P

Entrance is RM10 for MyKad holders but as for foreigners..I think it's RM25? RM35? Crazy.

One of the views from the top. It sort of reminded me of space shot in Genting Highlands except that it revolves and it doesn't drop down!!

Our last stop of the day was Capitol Satay Celup!
I don't think I have to even mention how famous this place is, just look at the queue:

We waited for almost an hour or so just to get a table and we started queuing at 5.00pm, which was a mistake because we didn't think people would want to have dinner that early.

I honestly don't quite dig all the hoo-hahs about Capitol...I mean okay fine so the peanut sauce is different but I wouldn't go there particularly just for satay celup because my friend told me that the other satay celup restaurant nearby also offers pretty much the same peanut dip and the tastes are rather similar or not, just the same.
Don't think it's worth spending your time waiting in queue but do try it if it is your first time in Malacca!

The peanut sauce.

So that's about all I have to say about my recent trip to Malacca. All in all, I'm glad I revisited Malacca because at least this time around, I can safely say that I've tried the chicken rice ball and even went to Jonker Walk (oh yes, I have no idea why we didn't go to Jonker in 2009. Again, was probably too lazy..)!



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