Sunday, October 21, 2012

Lovelocks, Penang

Once upon a weekend, I decided to go back to Penang because I haven't been back for more than a month and with the work stress and whatnot, I just wished I could just go back to a familiar place where things will not change, ie: Family love. So, go back, I did.

After touching down, sis took Boey and I to an ice cream shop in Love Lane, Penang known as Lovelocks. I've heard of this shop before and all those love padlocks thingy but I've never been there before. So I was quite excited to check it out!

Jelly toppings.

Raw egg yolk drizzles on your ice cream, anyone?

One of the unique features of this ice cream shop is that the lady suggested to drizzle raw egg yolk on the coconut ice cream. Results? It was oh-so-goooooooood. It totally didn't feel like you were eating raw egg yolk but as the cholesterol part, please do the calculation yourself because I couldn't care less! :P

More toppings!

Side counter with lots of love padlocks.

Besides the ice cream, you can actually purchase padlocks from the shop and design them as you like then lock your locks onto the chains available. Not too sure how much it costs because I didn't purchase any. :P

Took this with my instagram! Follow me @clconquers if you haven't!

Unfortunately, the shop only serves coconut ice cream....but it's kinda unique-lah since you don't normally find coconut ice cream anywhere.
It costs RM6 for 4 scoops + 3 toppings, RM7 for 5 scoops + 4 toppings and RM8 for 6 scoops + 5 toppings.
In my opinion, the lady should put more effort into scooping the ice cream because they are soooooooo small!!! So to me, it's not very worth it but if you're looking to try new ice cream in town then you should try this!

Toppings: Milo powder + Nestum flakes + peanuts.

Toppings: Raw egg yolk + nata de coco jelly.

Sis' expression (right) can tell you exactly how hese ice cream taste like. HAhahaha. Boey is probably exploring the egg yolk. :P

Nothing much can go wrong if you have an expression like that while eating ice cream. Yums!!

Till then!
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adrienne said...

Might give this place a visit when I'm back. Coconut ice cream sounds... very delicious!!

CL said...

You should!! Try everything new in Penang!! You've been missing out a lot!! :(

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