Sunday, September 9, 2012

My 1st Year Anniversary

It's been a really great one year since I came to KL. Lots of life-changing experiences, lots of new friends found and everything that's happening around me has been really amazing thus far. I've got lots to be thankful for, so now it's time to reflect! :)

September 2011

Make a huge leap in my life by deciding to move to KL. Didn't quite regret it although I'd prefer if I could be in Penang doing the same job...I miss my family!!! :(

Life got even more exciting with a lot of activites lined up for us! One of which was our CSR trip to Ma'Daerah, Terengganu.

3 of us on an elephant at Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary. Sorry elephant, hope we're not too heavy for you.. :S

October 2011

Our macho German-speaking dude got married!!

November 2011

Attended company's annual dinner on the auspicious 11.11.11. Theme was Mediterannean Night. Didn't remember them serving my favorite mediterranean rice though.

December 2011

Christmas back at home in Penang! Didn't do much except catching up with dearest friends who I have not seen for a long time!!

January 2012

Had my very first vacation of the year - Langkawi! Not new and not far but it's travelling nonetheless! Something which I have always been wanting to do since I was a little kid..I know, I know who doesn't, right? But if you know where I came from, you would know why I've always wanted to travel.

February 2012

Celebrated my 25th birthday at home because I know I will be homesick so as kiasu as I am, I bought flight tickets back to Penang since gazillion months ago to prepare for this special day! :D

Tried Jägermeister for the first time on my birthday night, thanks to my dearest colleagues. It was dayummm!

Attended my very first concert in KL with my gf!! And the best thing is it was Avril Lavigne!! Although we were very far from her, we were very hyped up and I really think it was an awesome night! Thank you, OCY!!! Much lovessss.

March 2011

First out of the country vacation for the year! Went to Koh Samui with my gfs and I'm so glad it was with them I went with. Nothing beats having an all girls' vacation!

So need to find time to blog about it before my memories fail me!

Oh and grooved along to Nicole Scherzinger at @LIVE KL! 2nd concert in KL! Tell me my life in KL happening or not compared to Penang...haha!

April 2012

Mummy dearest came down to KL to take care of bro's.................pug, Dexter. Bro/Connie, if you're reading this, please get married faster! Mummy wants to take care of babies now!! Ahahahah!

May 2012

Got my very first credit card approved. Yay or nay but I can still control my expenditure so far.. *fingers crossed*

Found something really interesting on the traffic light in Sunway.

June 2012

Travelled to Beijing for the first time. Probably the worst vacation I've been to so far. But this vacation was not planned so I will try to complain as little as possible when (if) I blog about it.

July 2012

Ines joined as intern the ever-so-happy team!! Am also glad to have found lots of great colleagues in the of whom is my work buddy and friend, LK!

August 2012

Decided to take a stroll down the heritage trail with my buddy, Sheena and Timon! Babe happened to finish work at that time so he joined us too! :)

So glad to be able to catch up with you guys!!!!

September 2012

A little too early to judge how September will turn out but there's already a good news! After a year long of going through a graduate trainee programme with BP, I am now a proud graduate of the programme which also means I am now a FTE in BP! *whee~~throws confetti*

Also celebrate Eve's partial freedom at Zeta Bar, Hilton KL!

But when there is gain, there will always be a loss. A good example would be my skin condition which has deteriorated tremendously. T____T
I have never had baby skin as far as I remember and I also don't remember having breakouts as bad as I have had / am having here in KL. This is by far my biggest worry partly because I'm vain and I'm not growing any younger.

Other than that, I'm all good. Well obviously what you read here are the things which I'm thankful for while I prefer to keep the bad ones behind me as I move forward in life! :)

ps: Initially I planned to only talk about my experiences in KL for the past 1 year but then as I write, I digressed and it was too late to only talk about KL in this post. :P


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