Monday, May 28, 2012

Sage Restaurant & Wine Bar at The Gardens, Midvalley

For the past week, my company (or rather the company I'm working for) has been such a great host for various people from overseas and I'm really glad I got to be part of it!
Hence, due to this involvement, we were treated to a dinner at Sage Restaurant and Wine Bar at The Gardens last Wednesday.

It was my first time at a fine dining restaurant in KL and I have got to say.....I was really impressed!

Our perfect view of the sunset for the evening.

Committees chit-chatting while waiting for the food to be served.

One of the best parts of the whole dinner was our customized menu! We were given a selection of main course (which are different from the usual ones) a few days before the dinner.

If you noticed, I blurred my name and the main course I chose was the aged angus beef! :)

After taking our seats, the waiter came and took our orders for drinks and I got the orange juice without thinking much because I was already starving like mad.

Then, we were first served with a mushroom soup in the size of a chinese tea cup....which I thought was rather pathetic but no complaints la because after all it's fine dining.
And the soup was just...............HEAVENLY. I could only ask for more though.. :S

The soup was a little bit salty (which is probably the main reason why it's delicious) and the mushroom really added that fancy taste to the soup which I really liked.

The soup was followed by a few different appetizers for our table which consist of (I have no idea what the names are for the appetizers because we were only given the choices for main course):

Foie gras and grapes.

Not long ago I remember reading an article about how the geese were forced by their breeders to eat enormous amount of food at one time so that their liver fat will expand...not sure how true it is but I got disgusted by their acts so I made a promise to myself that I'll never eat foie gras.
However, I did taste the grapes and they were warm and the sauce complemented the grapes really well!
I didn't taste the sourness of the grapes at all.

Tuna with caviar.

Quite a few people didn't like this one because the tuna is raw but for a Japanese food lover like me, I can't resist myself!
The tuna was served cold (obviously, because it's raw) and it was rather chewy but amazingly it didn't have that foul smell at all.
The caviar was just awesome! I think that was my first time eating caviar (how authentic it is, I wouldn't know) and trust me, combine the tuna and the caviar, you'll feel the taste which is out of this world (trying to prevent myself from using heavenly again)!

Salmon with fish roe.

The third and final appetizer was a salmon and fish roe. This tasted alright maybe because the way the salmon is prepared felt the same as the ones you can get in local Japanese restaurants.

Enough of the appetizers, let's move to the main course!

Braised cured lamb shank with provencale style of vegetables (phew what a name~)

Aged angus beef with seasonal vegetable and sauce chasseur.

Glazed atlantic seabass with Kataifi prawn and crustacean oil

Fresh berries with champagne sabayon and vanilla ice cream.

Belgian dark chocolate fondant with earl grey tea.

This is basically lava cake and an ice cream at the side.
Didn't taste the ice cream though but the lava cake was quite nice.
But sad to say, I'm not much of a dessert person so I guess I'm not the best judge for this.

Anyway, this is all for today!

I realize I haven't been posting up pictures of myself...I suppose this is expected when you're normally the one behind the camera! :-/



Quin said...

not a dessert person??? you said you're not a dessert person when you're in sage, one of the best fine dining restaurants in KL, and you say you're not a dessert person?! *faints*

CL said...

Oops..:P Haha. But I was invited...but the dessert was okay la..yet again, I can't tell! :S

Tejas kirodiwal said...

I like few of these dishes. It can be a perfect breakfast dish that everyone in the family can enjoy!


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Corporate Bars said...

The wine bar at the gardens is very impressive. I liked it

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