Saturday, April 14, 2012

Twin Towers @LIVE 2012 Concert!

Here comes the photos of the night!
It was one of the worse days in my life before the concert so I thought I could chillax by seeing some stars that night!
Of course the main reasons I went there because I heard it was free and it's Nicole Scherzinger!! (not to mention SNSD aka Girls Generation was gonna be there as well!)

People were all gathering outside the concert compound hours before it started and I thought I could play around with my new Lumix baby, the GX1 for a while! Oh yes, I finally bought a semi-pro and I'm dead broke.

Photos next!

Public Bank Tower at dawn.

Massive massive amount of people!

With Babe!

It took so long for the girls to come out! Everyone was so eager already plus I was wrong about it being free because somehow tickets are needed to get into the concert area! :( I have no idea how to get the tix.

When the girls were finally here..............

Potong steam, I didn't get to go in because I didn't get any ticket :( so this is the best of what I can make do of...
They were the first act to come on stage!

I'm really bad in recognizing each and every one of them. I think this is Tiffany?

I can recognize HyoYeon the most because she's the best dancer!!

Gee? Taxi?? I forgot. :S

Poor girls, dancing and singing in Malaysia might require sweatproof skin which is non-existent!

I find Tiffany (if I get her name right haahhaahah) looking very sweet that night!

Let me guess...this is.......Tae Yeon?

So there you have it, screen shots (pun not intended) of the girls from the night!
In fact I actually can't thank the girls enough because after they left, they brought with them like 3 quarter of the crowd who crazily ran after them and so Babe and I sneakily got into the concert area right in front of the media! :P

Errr....what do you call that again? Oh I found out it's a blimp!

This blimp thingy basically flew around the concert area with a videocamera attached to it at the bottom if I'm not mistaken.

Oh hie!

Looking very tired after whole day of stress.

Oh did I mention Jojo Struys was the host? Her voice is really adorable! Not that it's the first time I've seen her hosting live at an event.

Next up was our local singer, Reshmonu! Expect a really awesome performance from that dude each time he appears!

Reshmonu rising from the sun! Haha.

Hello floating rocket..

"Say what??"

And then there was like a reaaaalllllllly looooooong pause before Nicole came out and it was making everyone anxious!!
I was like...Jojo, get down the stage already! We want NICOLEEEEEEEEE!!!!

Jojo trying to keep the crowd @LIVE (pun).

And finally, after the super looooooooong wait, the queen emerged. At 11.30pm fml. Was worried that we would miss the last LRT!! :S

The crowd started screaming and man, I was super hyped!

Nothing can get better than this!

Welcome to Malaysia!!!

Nicole performed a few of her famous songs which include Poison, Buttons, I Hate This Part and a few others I forgot.
Babe was really lucky that night because just days before, he was telling me that he has never heard the Jai Ho version sang by PCD (the Pussycat Dolls) and A. R. Rahman and that he couldn't find the music video on youtube.
And dang, he got the live version right from Nicole Scherzinger herself that night! Lucky dude!

Love how she got the crowd going even though it was already almost midnight!

"One more song?"

She's so pretty!

Then Babe said, hey look at this shot. Nice or not? I was like what shot???

And then he showed me....


Nicole doing her booty shakin'!!!!

*Picks up jaw from the floor*

So that's about all! I had a fun time that night but I would have enjoyed it even more if I have achieved my goal of the day.

ps: All the close up shots were taken by Babe using his Canon EOS 450D. For more geeky specifications of the lens and aperture and what not, please don't ask me. :-/ The rests were taken with GX1!


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