Saturday, March 24, 2012

Jonathan's 5th Birthday @ My Elephant Thai Restaurant

Today, I had the priviledge of attending Babe's nephew, Jonathan's 5th birthday which was held at My Elephant Thai Restaurant which is located at SS17, on the ground floor of a flat building beside a school. 

Upon entering the restaurant, I was a little shocked because the interior looked very cosy as compared to the exterior.

Too bad we had brunch earlier and couldn't really eat a lot of the Thai food in that restaurant but I heard the lunch set starts from RM9.90!
But I tasted the tomyam soup though! It was really good I can't stop sipping!

Love the simple design of the restaurant!

Hi Uncle..
Everyone say hi to Cedric!

Another cute baby girl! :)

Not long after that, all the kids and guests were gathered around a table to sing Jonathan a birthday song!

Singing birthday song to Jonathan who was joined by his friends!

Cake-cutting ceremony!

That was Jonathan's (the fella with the gold crown haha) epic reaction when his friend took out one of the characters on the cake too early! :S

Kids with their balloons!

A piñata filled with candies for the kids! But instead of hitting it, Jonathan's mom opted to let the kids pull the strings to ensure the safety of the kids! Now that's wise!

Cheeky birthday boy pushing his piñata around like his pet!

More kids and their parents! Babe and I were seated at the baby's table..haha.

Table decoration.

Last but not least, a decent photo of the birthday boy and his uncle!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN, JONATHAN! Hope you like the present! :)

ps: We bought him a set of Lego because we believe that kids should be more exposed to these kind of toys rather than iPad or iWhatever!

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