Monday, March 26, 2012

Avril Lavigne Black Star Tour 2012 in Malaysia!

Life in KL is sooo happening that it scares me a little.....or maybe a lot.

I'm finding myself trying to fulfill all my material wants which I wasn't able to fulfill before.
One of which was attending concerts with performances from my favorite singers which include Avril Lavigne, Nicole Scherzinger and not to mention SNSD (Girl's Generation); simply because they are so pwettty (don't know if they are fake or not but I don't really care)!

18th February 2012 : Avril Lavigne - Black Star Tour

I bet most of you would have at least heard that Avril Lavigne came to Malaysia for the 2nd time after her first concert in 2008.
As a super devastated fan, I told myself that the next time when she comes again, I HAVE GOT TO BE THERE!
And so I did!

All set and ready to hit Stadium Merdeka!

With my partner in crime, CY! Thanks for the ride!

That round spots on the photo were raindrops falling on my head~

To be safe, we put on our poncho! It was only drizzling very little but we didn't want our make up to melt, hello!

When Avril started singing a couple of songs from her old album, I realized a lot of people around me didn't sing along....but I couldn't care less and continued to sing my heart out with CY!!!

Overall, I enjoyed myself A LOT! Although I wouldn't mind standing much nearer to the stage T__T
Nonetheless, I totally enjoyed myself and I'm really glad it was CY who came along with me!! xx
You wouldn't believe it if I say I teared when she emerged on the stage!

The next morning, CY decided to go for brunch at a La Vie En Rose located along Jalan Raja Chulan.
From the name itself, I'm sure you can tell that it's a French restaurant and be sure to expect lotsa pastries!
I don't think the restaurant was that easy to spot because you have to drive uphill to reach the restaurant but if you look properly, you should be able to see it from the road.

I think this was the Earl's Grey tea.

Some pastries to start our brunch!

I'm not a pastry person at all but theirs are particular soft and fluffy with just the right warmth for me to nicely sink my teeth into them!
The best part was, you can refill the pastries and we didn't even order this! It's appetizer actually.

CY's egg benedict and German sausage.

CY's happy face! Haha.

I ordered ommelette and omg it was goooooooood! Thinking of it makes me salivate almost immediately. :-X

These potatoes came together with the set which CY ordered. This, my dear friend, wins everything else hands down! But it's very oily though.

So, there you have it, my incomplete story on how I felt about attending Avril Lavigne's Black Star Tour Concert and if you wanna know more, I'd prefer to tell when I meet you because words couldn't express how excited I was!

Next up, Formula 1 @LIVE Concert 2012!!



adrienne said...

Awesome - wish I was there!! Did you manage to sing (or shout) along with her songs? :)

CL said...

we certainly did!!! in fact, we sang so loud it was kinda funny cos we were very very far away..haha! wish you were there toooo!!

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