Sunday, February 12, 2012

Thank You, Whitney Houston.

Today, we have lost one of the greatest singers of all time (to me, at least).
I have never publicly (as in verbally or through social networks) tell everyone how I've always loved her voice and not to mention her songs, especially the inspirational ones.

At the age of 48, she left us and I hope she will rest in peace.

Below is one of the many awesome songs from her which I love a lot.
It was because of this song, I fell in love with her.

You're deeply missed, Whitney Houston. :'(
Thank you for the wonderful voice and the beautiful songs you've given us.


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Underworld: Awakening

Yesterday, I decided to ask Babe out for a movie because somehow I just felt like I haven't been to the cinema for the longest time.
With that said, I had no idea of what movie I should watch so he decided that we should watch Underworld: Awakening.

I know this might sound really lame, I have never knew that Underworld has 3 series before the current one.
It could most probably be due to the fact that I usually do not fancy movies which resemble Resident Evil, Aeon Flux, etc, you get the drift.
So whenever I see this kind of movies in the listing, I'll just ignore them.

Anyhow, to cut the story short, I thought to myself since I can't decide which movie to watch, I'll just give Underworld a try as suggested by Babe.
It turned out to be a REALLY GREAT TRY indeed.

When the first scene appeared, I saw a really beautiful and awesome figured woman walked out and nudged Babe telling him how gorgeous she looked!
To be honest, I didn't know who the female lead was until I asked Babe.
When he mentioned it was Kate Beckinsale, my jaw totally DROPPED.

The last movie acted by Kate Beckinsale (as far as I remembered and watched) was Click with Adam Sandler.
Who would have thought...(okay maybe it's just me because the first Underworld movie was in 2003, long before Click was produced) someone as sweet looking as this:

would turn into this!!!!!!!

Come to think of it, it should be the other way round because she was known for the character Selene, in Underworld before she became the sweet looking housewife in Click! Haha. Oh well.....

So back to the 4th instalment of Underworld, after the 1st shock (which was finding out who the lead actress was), I was still in shock or should I say in awe throughout the entire movie.
I really love how their moves were so slick and damn, Kate Beckinsale looked so awesome when she was shooting those Lycans!! *sorry, I just can't get over her because I was really SHOCKED*

I also love that I don't feel the need to watch the whole series to understand what it was about because there was a short introduction in the beginning of the movie which really helped to bridge the gap!
But after this one, I really think I should watch the previous series!! :D

The only thing which I don't like about the movie  was the length of the movie!!
I couldn't get enough of it already! The 4th series lasted for only an hour and 15 mins tops??
Well, it definitely felt too short! I haven't even gotten enough of Kate Beckinsale shooting at the Lycans and also at the elevator (of which Babe said she was famous in doing that in the previous series)!

So there you have it, my thoughts on the movie Underworld: Awakening.
It fell WAY BEYOND MY EXPECTATIONS (referring to the usual expectations I have in action-horror films).
In fact, I don't think I should name this post using the title of the movie because 3/4 of the post was more like praising how awesome Kate Beckinsale looked!

Definitely worth watching if you'd asked me!

What say you?

ps: HOMAIGAWD Kate Beckinsale is so hot!!!!!!!!!! And she's like 38?!??! What the............


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