Monday, November 7, 2011

Freshkon Alluring Eyes Model Search 2011

Hey everyone!

If you've known me long enough, you might have known that I like to join competitions/contests.
Although I did not win a lot of competitions, but I guess I had my fair share of experiencing where these competitions brought me to.
And I've always believed that we should try a lot of different things when we're still young, which explains the numerous contests I joined.

Nonetheless, the main reason of this blog post is not to justify myself in joining competitions, but to plead for votes from all of you who have been reading my blog (although not many but I know there's a number of you who are mostly my friends because I only share my blog on Facebook everytime I update this blog).

So the most recent competition I joined was the Freshkon Alluring Eyes Model Search 2011 competition!
To be honest, it's not just a 'click and vote' method because apparently you have to click on the link I gave below and then allow the Freshkon app to access your Fb or stuff like that.

Click this caption to go to the voting link!

Yes, I think this is a bit too much to ask but hey, if you can go through all the hassles to play a simple game like Tetris Battle or Farmville or Sims Social, a few clicks on helping a friend shouldn't make a lot of difference, right?? :)

So, please vote for me by clicking on the pic caption above or just click here!

The voting period starts from now until 30th of November 2011!
You don't have to do it now but please remember to do it whenever you have some free time!!

Thank you in advance!


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