Friday, October 28, 2011

Of Farewells, Friends & Acquaintances

I consider myself as one of those lucky ones who is constantly surrounded by great friends, which explains why I always feel the ultimate guilt whenever I have to turn down my friends' offer to any event/occasion.

Unless of course if I really can't avoid that something and it gives me no choice but to decline the offer.

Credits to Hsien Ming for the pic.

You know what they say, you never know what you've got till it's gone.
True enough, after leaving uni, I hardly see or meet up with any of my uni mates until now because I've taken this path I'm on right now.

Anyway, before I get all teary eyed, I'm gonna talk about the farewells  my friends did for me before I left my little island.

#1 Farewell lunch with former colleagues

I have never really mentioned about my previous job as a product engineer for 4 months in Penang.
Partly because I felt like I wasn't able to fit in in the beginning of my job but eventually it got better towards the end (maybe that's why it got better wtf).

Another is because my direct superior is my now cousin brother-in-law wtf.
Just in case if you're wondering, I went through all the interview stages just like everyone else and I thought I did pretty well lah. Not because he helped me (or that's what I'd like to believe wtf wtf) <--- non-stop cursing because when I think of it, damn, I could have been helped!

Anyway, as one of the (probably) thousands of engineers in Penang, my job scope wasn't that much different of a process engineer, an R&D engineer and many others.
So it's pretty safe to say that my workload is basically similar to other engineers. 
The only thing that makes the difference is the background of the people I work with.
If you have almost the same schooling background as I did, you'll probably understand what I mean by 'background'.
'Nuff said.

So anyway, on the last few days of my service, my awesome colleagues decided to throw me a simple and somewhat conventional farewell: FREE LUNCH!!
Oh, how can I ever say no to FOOD! More pleaseeeeeeee! :D

One of the best colleagues anyone could ask for.

Another colleague. *coughs

My another colleague (Okay, this is getting boring isn't it).

The other twin (I'm just kidding - inside joke)!

I had another 2 free farewell lunch with my lunchmates and man, I MISS MY LUNCHMATES!!!
They're no doubt the bestest people in the company I've come across and I miss them to bits!!

#2 Farewell outing with uni mates

4 years of uni. And some only had gone through uni for 3 years.
The only thing I can complain about throughout my entire uni life is about my lecturers and the one and only thing I loveeeeeee most about university is my AWESOME AWESOME FRIENDS!!
These are the type of friends who came from different backgrounds, while we had our fair share of disagreements and etc, we still manage to stay together and laugh it off at the end of the day.
Truth be told, without them, I'm close to nothing.

I treasure them a lot because they make me feel like I'm there for a reason.
They let me know what friendship is and I'm just so glad I found them.

Less words, more pics!

So a few of my uni friends decided to throw me a farewell outing (sounds weird, but it's not a party wor) at Overtime, Gurney!
It was my first time there and as you would have guessed it, I had a ball!

Hugs Starker!! No, I wasn't drunk...I was.......HAPPY! :P

Awesome uni mates (the cute ang moh is a random dude who photobombed us!!)!
When I look back at the pics, I realised how much I missed being around them. :(
And several others who didn't make it to the farewell.

#3 Farewell dinner with high school awesome high school mates apologies if this post is getting boring but farewells don't come very often do they (actually I was very tempted to say free meals wtf)?!
The penultimate farewell I had was with 2 of my AWESOMEST high school friends: Eve and CY!!
If you read my blog long enough, you would have known these are the 2 friends who constantly appear on my blog!
They are the ones whom I (sometimes) spilt secrets to but hey, no worries, they are reall good secret keepers! Haha.
These 2 people are whom I don't have to keep my manners whenever they around because I lost all my manners when I'm with them (geddit geddit)!
Anyway, for someone who loves good food (okay, who doesn't love good food right), I definitely can't say no to this: International Buffet at Rasa Sayang Hotel when they told me that's where they'll be holding my farewell at!

See what I mean?? Camwhoring non-stop at the hotel lobby...where are our manners?! Yup, I have my ugly moments, too!

Well, with such awesome dinner, I can't resist but to share some food pics with you all!

Okay, wrong move to post photos of food at this time (it's midnight but I just can't help but to finish up the post).
Nonetheless, you mess with them, you are messing with me yo.

Last but not least................

#4 Farewell sponsored by Johnnie Walker

Hahahah. I don't think that's a farewell but I'd like to think of it that way because hey, the skies dropped me 4 VIP passes out of nowhere and I'm not even kidding!
And coincidentally, it was held at the end of August which was my last month in Penang!

And I seldom say no to parties unless I have no great friends to go with!
Read here if you missed it!

So, THANK YOU EVERYONE! Without anyone of you, I wouldn't be where I am now and let us all cheers for a better future!
And yes, I miss all of you badly. :(((

That will be it for tonight!!


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

kids. Kids. KIDS!! Scared ya, yet?

Kids always have their way to melt my heart.
It could be due to the fact that I'm the youngest in my family, so I've always wondered how it would be like to have a younger sibling (preferably sister, don't ask me why).

Anyway, the reason of this short blog post is simple; to share with you all videos I recently came across on Facebook and it practically made my day today at work.
Click on the video to watch it (I found the Youtube link)!

If this doesn't make you smile, you must be a freak or something....
When I was in London and Paris, I saw a lot of cute and pretty little girls (and of course, handsome little boys, too!) and I can't take my eyes off them!

Okay, I think I make myself sound like a paedophile but there's just something in them that makes me attracted to them as compared to Asian kids.
It could be their complexion, the color of their eyes and their features.... *melts*
Don't get me wrong, there are lots of super cute Asian kids too.

For example:

I so wanna have such cute babies!!!!!!!
Okay, it's getting late now and hopefully I'll get sweet dreams after looking at these adorable kids!

Blog soon!


Monday, October 3, 2011

Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Party Penang 2011

Okay so this might be veryyyy outdated but if you have read this post I wrote earlier, you would have known that I was part of possibly the year's most happening party in Penang: Johnnie Walker Step Inside The Black Circuit Party!!
I was somehow invited to the party  which was held somewhere in August after the Johnnie Walker Malaysia peeps informed me on my Fb inbox that I have won myself 4 passes to the party which I have totally no idea of.
I have never joined any competition, not to mention 'Like' any of JW's fanpage.
Nonetheless, I decided to RSVP and party for the (first &) last time before I left to KL! :)

Us with the 'Penguins'..Babe refers the 2 girls at the side as 'Penguins' because of their outfit and damn, they're HOT!!!!

Our gold cuffs - which were our passes to enter the premise.

I'm suddenly reminded of the 'VIP' treatment we received when we arrived at the venue, which was at 32 Mansion (mind you, everyone who was invited was considered VIP according to the invitation package).
It was drizzling and there were valets available at the entrance of 32 Mansion.
Upon seeing others handing their cars to the valet (and we were also told to do so by the first valet we met), I asked Babe to pass over the car keys to the valets so that we don't have to walk in the rain.
So when he was about to stop the car (with all of us still inside the car) and pass the key to the valet, the stupid valet rushed us and asked us to move our car out of the way and the mansion.
Like WTF??!
Just because the car we used at that time was not a Merc or Ferrari, we don't deserve the equal treatment?
Worst was that we even saw a few other cars who were allowed to park inside the compound after us - no, their cars are neither Merc nor Ferrari.
So much for the 'VIP' treatment.

Anyway, after that we went straight into the mansion and partied the night away!
Each of us was given 2 JW door gifts consisting of a Vodafone keychain, a JW necklace for the girls and a JW pin for the guys!

Babe & I in front of the event backdrop.

My guests for the night! Thanks for coming! :)

With CY, someone who's always on the top of my list to attend such events with me!! :)

I got starstruck....... *___*

With Reshmonu and Nadine Ann Thomas!! CY and I were like the skybridge between the twin towers!! @.@

Everyone's having the time of their life!

Also, not forgetting the 3 fawsome DJs who brought the house down the whole night!

DJ Teemaree - super hot and pretty!

DJ Reeve!


iPads for us to Check In on our Fb!

Love the colorful lightings!

I have a stupid grin on my face when I'm starstruck.......again.

With Evonne, the hot and friendly JW Babe! :)

With CY & Jessica in front of the DJ's dock! I think that was DJ Reeve behind us!

We are getting high on JW cocktails!

Speaking of cocktails, JW actually invited 2 world class mixologists - Amanda Wan and Shawn Chong Yi who made 4 wonderful cocktails that night!

Shawn Chong Yi

Amanda Wan

All in all, it was my first time attending such a big event organised by JW (did I mention we had free flow of Black Label the whole night?) and boy, I can't wait to go for the next one already!

One thing I would have prefered the JW peeps to do is to have the event on a Friday or weekend instead of during the weekday because most of us need to work the next day so we went back at midnight before the party reached its climax... :(
I had fun! Thanks to JW!!! :)

ps: Photos with Johnnie Walker watermark are downloaded from Johnnie Walker's Fb page. Go 'Like' it now for news on upcoming JW events!!


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