Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sunway Giza: The Zun Kitchenette

Whee! Decided to visit Sunway Giza for the first time since I had a date with ZM there and thanks to Babe, I now know how to navigate my way to not just around Sunway, but more! :)

Edited a pair of bunny ears just for the fun of it. :D

Pics in lomo mode! Simply love it!

It our first time in Sunway Giza so we didn't have any idea of what and where to eat!
After walking around for a bit, we decided to dine at The Zun Kitchenette as Babe wants something soupy and non-heaty.

In front of the restaurant.

Very cozy dining place.

Apparently the food in this restaurant is served using Eu Yan Sang's herbs and whatnot!
No wonder the food smells and tastes so good! 


What's a lunch without the food and drinks right!
So here's what we ordered:

Salt-baked chicken drumstick @ RM16.80.

Babe had the above and commented that the rice tasted quite typical but the chicken drumstick was quite good.
But I don't think it's worth RM16.80....

Noodle with duck leg & dried..........vege? @ RM15.80.

I ordered the noodles. The noodles texture reminds me of the wan than mee noodles in Penang! *homesick
And as a duck lover, I must say I'm quite impressed with the meat!
It's been long since I tasted duck meat cooked that way and the soup was just fantastic!
The soup tasted like the herbal soup my mom used to cook at home. T__T *super homesick

Euphoria longana honey @ RM5.00.
I love the drink, too!
It's not your typical honey lemon juice or something, it has that refreshing taste which you can't get at just anywhere!

With that said, I only wished that the waiters/chef didn't have to stand like 3metres away from us and it felt like we were being stared at while enjoying our lunch... -.-

Saw this while on our way to IKEA! I think the Air Asia pilot lost his navigation. Haha.

Oh and a photo of my outfit for the day:

Top: Vest from F Block, black spaghetti strap from Forever 21.
Bottom: Random denim I bought from Sg. Wang last year.

I really love F Block!
I love how their clothes aren't that expensive and the quality is so much better than those in Asian Avenue!
I almost bought one similar vest in Asian Avenue (Sunway Pyramid) for RM8 cheaper but of a much poorer quality!
Luckily I changed my mind!


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