Sunday, September 11, 2011

Goodbye to One and Hello to Another

This year has been rather very hectic for me, with an addition of two responsibilities on my shoulders in the first 2 quarters of the year: as a final year student and as a contract engineer in a multinational electronics company.
Having said that, I haven't regretted once because I know that I've been very blessed.

Nevertheless, it was tough in the beginning, but somehow, I managed to pull it off with a Upper 2nd Class Honours in my hands (well, about to be in my hands by end of this month!).
But like they say, everything is about balance.
So I did not have any graduation trip with my family or friends, not to mention, not even a holiday since I came back from London (January 2011 to be exact)!
Yes, that's sad.

But lo and behold, after 4 months of being in the electronics company and 3 months after my unofficial graduation, I was offered a position as a graduate trainee at a British oil and gas company.
I was almost blown out of my mind because, hello, oil and gas??
Something I could only dream of it in my, well, dreams.
So, again, I have been blessed.

But all things must come with a consequence(s), which brings us back to the balance I mentioned.
By accepting this new job offer, I will have to give up on a title which I've been yearning for for the past years: Engineer.
I didn't really see that coming but oh well, we must always adapt ourselves to changes, right?
On top of that, I have to forgo my chance of going to:

Honolulu, Hawaii.

and instead, for an exchange, my new company is sending me to:

Ma' Daerah, Terengganu.

Oh yes, that's a LOTTTTTTTT of differences.
So I was sad, disappointed and had a lot of mixed emotions because I had to miss out the chance of going to one of the beaches I have always wanted to go.
But, there's a but, as a balance AGAIN, I do not have to spend a single dime on my trip to Terengganu and on top of that, I'll be given pocket money!
How awesome, right?
I guess Hawaii will have to wait......*frowns

Anyway, I can't wait to go for my convocation this 24th of September (Saturday)!
So those of you who are in Penang at that time, do drop by for my convo!
Just bring lots of gifts for me yourselves!! :D

Okay that's the end of my rant today.


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