Saturday, September 3, 2011

Because I think I'm getting chubbier.

So it's been almost a week since I settled in KL and one of the few things I have realized is that...


Well, it may sound like a good thing to a lot of people who think that I'm too thin (which I agree so) but gaining 'round' at inappropriate places is totally not something I'm comfortable with!

*Pinches cheek.

But I'm quite positive that after tomorrow, I will be facing lots of new things with new surroundings and new people around me!
So I hope that will give me enough pressure to be.........less chubby?
Okie..doesn't make sense at all but oh well.

Good day at home! Missing my bed......... :(

Wanted to post proper blog post but I'm very tempted to do some editings so that will have to wait!
So if you're wondering why I'm getting chubbier, wonder no more...for the answer is right below:

The man who is responsible for my chubbiness. Hmmmph!

Yes, I've been overly well fed.
Anyway, wanna edit my pics now!

*Pinches cheek again.


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