Friday, September 30, 2011

Am Officially A Graduate!


After 4 years of sweat and tears, I can now proudly call myself a graduate (although I have pretty much been calling myself that for the past 4 months - illegally)!
To be honest, I don't know if you call this as being pessimistic or not, but I never really see myself wearing that purple robe with a mortar board on my head because..........I really have no idea.
It could be because I like to live for the moment (not entirely true but it sounds like it) and I can't be bothered about the future that much.
Even after ending my 6th Form life, I was doubtful on which path I should take.

However as life takes its toll on me, I somehow ended up with a Bachelor's Degree in Materials Engineering but I'm now working for an oil & gas company as a future SAP Analyst.
Totally nothing to do with the course I took for 4 years.
I do feel sad and reluctant to let this engineering part of me go but I guess like what Babe said, no one will take away the engineering knowledge I have in me (albeit not much - hahah).
Meaning to say if I were to step into the engineering world again after this, it wouldn't be that difficult.
Hey, after all I had almost half a year's experience in the manufacturing line!

Anyway, here's the happy part- my Convocation!!!

The newly decorated backdrop in the DTSP hall.

Yes, tell me you don't expect a vain shot of me to appear....... (-.-")

With 'Joanne', my ex-roomie!!! Sat with her on the first day of orientation and also during convocation!


Smile until my mouth also became numb already - hence explaining the same facial expression throughout the pics!

My high school friends who made it that day! THANK YOU for being a part of this!

Babe who drove Evelyn & I back to Penang!! Thank you, dear! :)

More coursemates!

My family who attended the convocation! :)) 

A decent pic of me with my mortar board still attached.

If you noticed, I wasn't wearing the mortar board in most of my convo pics because it kept falling off!
Initially I thought I didn't pin it properly then I remember asking my sister to take the robe and board for me since I couldn't make it back to get them.
Looks like my head is bigger than I thought (I was too lazy to measure the size of my head so I told my sis to just measure her own head! Haha)!
ps: To my coursemates, HAPPY GRADUATION!
Finally we made it to this day after so much drama in between but I'm sure it was all worth it!
Let us all cheer to the best of our future!

pps: To those who attended my convo which include my family members and friends, thank you for making this day a more meaningful one with your presence!!! Not forgetting all the wonderful wishes on Facebook! Thank you!!

So many things to update, so little time (in fact I've been doing almost nothing everyday T_T)!
Till next time,


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