Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Triple H: Hydro Hotel Holiday!

During the 2nd week of July, the current company I'm working for organized an annual company trip to 5 different places: Penang hotel stay (Hydro or Copthorne Orchid Hotel), Pangkor Island, Langkawi Island, Kelantan and Genting.
But of course, we can only choose one and I decided to go for hotel stay because my initial Pengkor trip with Babe was cancelled due to this.

I chose Hydro Hotel because I've never stayed there before (in fact I don't think I've stayed in any of the hotels in Penang) and also because there were too many big bosses who chose Copthorne Orchid. :P

Curi-ed from penang-hotels.com.

Hydro Hotel is easily found as there's signboard at the road side as you drive up the winding Batu Ferringhi road.
Nothing to boast about the hotel, just a simple 3/4 stars hotel with common facilities.

Waiting for the other 2 couples at the waiting lounge.

Don't know what he's up to...

Floor marbles?

Since Babe and I are the only local islanders, we suggested a few places nearby for my colleagues and their partners to visit.
One of which was the Tropical Spice Garden.
I've been there once when I was much younger...can't remember much but I can remember the huge giant swing as we walked up the trail.
It cost us RM14 each to enter the place.

Couple 1: YS1 & Lui (not sure if I got that right)

Couple 2: YS2 (hahahah, I just noticed both my female colleagues have the same initials!) and Patrique.

It was mad hot that evening.
Wasn't even windy and I could literally feel my make up melting under the hot sun!
We were told to follow the colored arrow and somehow got lost because truth be told, the arrows are pretty confusing and no, the guys weren't that much of a help either!
Now who's to say girls are bad navigators!

Reached the giant swing a moment later...it was kinda fun to have your face blown against the wind to compensate the hot weather!

Girls on the swing!

This was not posted up on my fb because I thought my pose was kinda odd...didn't mean to arch my back till like that but oh well....

The road in the garden for vehicles.

All of us!

Cinnamon, anyone?

We looked as though we planned to wear blue together! How coincidental! :)

Caught a photo of a wedding couple having their photoshoot there...how sweet but all I can imagine was the amount of sweat on the wedding dress if I were to wear one!

Bleh, to be honest, it's not worth RM14 at all so to those who have the thought of visiting the place, please erase that thought!

After the walk, we wanted to have a dip in the pool but after looking at the amount of people + lotsa & lotsa kids, we thought maybe the beach will do just fine. :)
YS2 and partner were rather exhausted so left only the other 2 couples to enjoy the sunset...

My newly bought straw hat@ RM15...love the leopard preeeen ribbon! :D

My fisherman.

As it got darker, we headed back to the hotel to freshen up ourselves before dinner.
His DSLR lens were quite screwed up during dinner and we didn't manage to take good pics of the food.. :(
The only few nice photos I managed to capture was this:

Us playing foosball at the hotel's game room.

Till next time!


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