Saturday, August 20, 2011

Johnnie Walker - Step Inside The Black Circuit Party Penang 2011

Well, guess what?
On one of those days when I started my day really bad, JW (it's Johnnie Walker if you have zero idea of what I'm talking about) decided to cheer me up by giving me 4 tickets to its Black Circuit party next week!
Thank you, JW! <3

And loookie what I just received!

My first time receiving something so exclusive!

I think my guardian angel wants me to party for the last time in Penang before I leave! Thank you, you!
I'd take this as my 3rd farewell! Hahahah.

See you there!



Kokd said...

So many farewell, better thank your guardian angel!

Thristhan said...

I want to party also :(

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