Friday, July 29, 2011

Today's topic is about getting out of your comfort zone.
And when I say comfort zone, I actually mean the zone which I have never left since I was born.
I guess you pretty much understand what I'm talking about now.

I knew long time ago that one day I will have to grow up, leaving this place I call home, to become a career woman, a wife, a mother etc.
But I never thought that this day will come so soon.
I have chosen this path, not knowing where it will lead me to.
The only thing I'm certain of is that the one person whom I have given my heart to will be there every single step I will be taking from next month onwards.
Which is something I'm very thankful for.

But like they say, when you receive, you'll have to give.
I will no longer have the privilege of having my mum preparing breakfast for me, buying/cooking me food, shopping, watching tv....crap, talking about this is making me tear up.
All in the name of having a better life in the future.

But what defines better life?
Is your life better when you are away from the people you have known for the rest of your life?
Will your future be better by earning more money?
Will the man you know for almost a decade give you the life you wanted after choosing this path?
Who will be your shopping partner?? -okay, maybe that's not that important but still...-

I have no definite answers to that.

All I know is no one can tell you which is right or wrong.
But what I can do is when it's wrong, I'll try to make it right.
When I fall, I will have to stand up on my own this time.
I will learn how to cook better, do more house chores and have a better lifestyle.

I know I can make a change.
A change for the better.

Time to grow up, CL.

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yxuan said...

where are u going, chia li? kl or uk? confuse...
agree with what u said, "no one can tell which is right or wrong", every path can lead to success or a better future, it only depends on our willngness to put effort on it...
all the best! =)

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