Saturday, July 16, 2011

Random Days In My Life

Taken at some Japanese food outlet in Gurney Plaza.

~So long I have gone, to the arms of whom I belong...

Okay, that's completely random.
Aloha! *chokes on imaginary blog dust*
I haven't been blogging, AGAIN!!
Not that anybody actually cares but my Nuffnang account.. :P

Actually I did try to blog a few times, you'd be surprised at the number of 'Untitled Post' I have under the draft section.
I just ran out of blog juices everytime I start typing a line or two...
But today's exceptional because it's a Saturday and Babe's in KL this weekend so I'm too free!
Was thinking of catching up with work but waking up too early on a Saturday morning doesn't really make me feel like doing any work related stuff.

And because this is random...I've got random things to mention about!

#1 Went down to KL for 2 days with my family and crazy hectic!
      I don't like it whenever I had to spend like only 1 or 2 days in KL cos' you      pretty much can't do anything!

Our first picture together with Petronas Towers!

#2 Bought my first Majolica Majorca lipgloss! Was sold the first time I saw it...and best of all, I bought it at RM21. Usual price is RM33. Thanks to my Watsons points! Whee! :)

 BE706 if you're interested. :) Owh, this photo looks quite out of place because of its frame.I'm fickle like that. :P

This is how the gloss looks like on my lips.

#3 Went for a hotel stay under my company's sponsorship! Amazing isn't it, I only joined full time for a month and a half, I already received my first bonus and free company trip! :D

At Hydro Hotel. Dress, belt and hair clip belong to my sis. Only the bag and camera are mine!! :P

#4 Chilled out with the girls (and Babe who was being very thoughtful that day :)) at Straits Quay! I'm probably banning that place for a good few weeks.

Well, hmm..what else to share.......pretty much nothing else!
Yes, unfortunately my life isn't that happening.

Will be back with more!
Come to think of it, I still haven't finished blogging about my Paris and London trip (I refuse to call it Europe trip because it's only like 2 countries out of the entire Europe)!


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