Saturday, July 30, 2011

Delicious: A Once In A Blue Moon Visit

A couple of weeks back, a few friends of mine (CY & Eve), Babe and myself decided to try the new Delicious restaurant in Straits Quay, Penang.

I have heard of the one in KL but it's the first in Penang so I guess it's worth the try. :)
I was kinda fascinated by the indoor decorations but too bad I didn't capture any photo :( .
But the first impression didn't last very long because no waiter was free to take our orders!
Not too sure why but it didn't only happen to our table, I saw other patrons having the same frustration, too!

Nonetheless, we managed to get the attention of a cute waiter and placed our orders immediately.
Bah, the food took quite long to reach us.
Anyway, here's what we ordered thatt day:

English Fish & Chips: RM29.90

I forgot what Eve ordered :S The dessert kinda suck though.

Shepherds Pie: RM19.90

Some marshmallow chocolate thingy. Can't remember the price but I initially thought it was a fondue until it turned out to be a glass of hot chocolate with marshmallows inside. :S

Red Velvet Cupcake: RM6.90. Me no likey. Too dry. But I'm not too sure how a red velvet cake should taste like though.

Traditional Beef Meatballs Spaghettini: RM19.90

The spaghetti was a LEGEND.
It was the first meatballs spaghettini WITHOUT a single chunk of meatballs.
When it came, I was wondering where they were hiding the meatballs, I even thought they might have chopped it so fine and mixed the small bits together with the spaghetti sauce but no!
When we decided that there was something wrong with the spaghetti, Babe enquired one of the waiters and he went to check with the kitchen.
It turned out that they FORGOT to put meatballs in my poor spaghettini. :(

After a while, the same waiter came out with a bowl of meatballs!

My meatballs! I think they gave extra. Heehee.

So that sums up what we had in Delicious for lunch.
I was rather disappointed because of the poor service but it's probably still new, so maybe in time they'll get better.
Nonetheless, it's rather PRICEY for someone like me who has just joined the rat I'll only visit it once in a blue moon!

With CY & Eve.


The view of Straits Quay from the eye of an almost konked lens.


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