Thursday, June 9, 2011

So I decided to stop waiting.

Before we get into that topic, let me just redeem myself for the long hiatus.
I have been working for real! Haven't gotten my paycheck yet for my full time job but I'm getting half my pay this 15th!
Can't wait! I don't have a lot of wants right now but I wouldn't mind having some extra cash in my bank account! :)

So back to my topic, I've decided to stop waiting.
To stop waiting for him to come back.
I've been spending way too much time and years of my life waiting for him.

I can still recall the time I cried so hard when he told me he was gonna leave for Sunway in 2006 then in 2007, he told me he will be heading to London for 4 years.
I'm sure a lot of girls have gone through such phase but not a lot are willing to hold onto it for so long.
So after almost 6 years of separation (although not continuously), I've decided to quit.

Quit because I'm tired.

Quit because I need to look forward to my future instead of reliving the past every now and then.

Quit because I have a permanent job now, and I hope to be able to do well in it.

Quit because I should learn to let go.

Quit because I still love him.



Anyways, photos' time! I haven't been taking a lot of pics (of myself) because somehow I think I look really old now especially after I started working!
Every single angle takes too much effort to look good because the stress and all shows too much on my face.
So let me bombard y'all with some random photos I took!

I went to the Mahindarama temple with my mom during Wesak Day and took 2 photos.
Yes, only 2 because my mom was in a rush to go to work... :(

Do you guys believe in this?

To some of you who have visited the temple, the scene from the picture above is probably way too familiar.
To those who have no idea what that is, it's actually an exam timetable of students hoping to get some luck/blessings from Buddha (I don't know if I get it right...).
Fyi, I did it too last time when I was much younger but I don't know whether it worked or not.
All I know is hard work will pay off but I don't see the harm of asking for blessings in that way though.

Random people in the temple.

A shih tzu peeking out from the car! Looks so much like Kiki! @kkng_88

A random webcam photo taken by Babe. I look good blurred. Damn.


More like on behalf of babe. I've been keeping this for the longest time and I think it's called a shutter release? Remote control?
Only for Canon DSLR though..
This nifty little thing comes in handy especially when you're reluctant to ask strangers to take photos for you!
Plus instead of clicking a timer manually after every shot (and run here and there to catch up with the timer), you can now snap as many pics as you want while just staying put at any spot!

He bought one too many so I'll be selling this for RM15! Price is negotiable.
Anyone interested please leave a comment or..........just a leave a comment and contact details la and we'll go from there.

Okie RM15 is like I might as well just give this to a friend as a present...but if I can still sell it, why not?
And I have no close friends who use such camera.

The box...which is kinda ugly because I brought it everywhere in my bag hoping I could sell it but I got too busy to even remember it! It's China brand but Babe's works well thus far...he's been using it for years!

For CANON DSLR users ONLY! Still sealed in a plastic!

Now it's possible to take a pic without asking for help! Or run for your life to catch up with the timer.. -.-

and this!

if this can't convince you, I don't know what else will....haha! :P

Fact: I don't really like to deal with my hair...

Made up by Benefit! I'm so gonna get their "That Gal" make up primer!!!!!!

Looking tired after haircut. My hairstylist tong-ed my hair! But with the leftover rebonding chemicals in my hair, the curls lasted minutes...

After attending my friend's wedding dinner! Was my first time wearing such a long dress!



kokd said...

7 Days bb!

CL said...

5 DAYS!!

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