Sunday, June 12, 2011

Beauty Haul (Again!) I guess it's not a new thing to say that I'm a sucker when it comes to sales.
Yesterday when I woke up (too early, I have a pretty screwed up biological clock now after started working), the first thing I felt like doing was going online (because I have no life).
And guess what! I saw a post by Watsons on Facebook that it was having 60% sales for yesterday only!
I was super elated because there were things which I've always wanted to buy were on sales! Yay! :D

So off I went to the Gurney Watsons and I was lucky enough to be able to reach my hands on all the things I wanted (and more! :\ )!
Here's what I bought!

Oh right. This wasn't from Watsons obviously. A white nail polish from The Face Shop for my DIY French manicure!

Guess how much I bought each of this Pantene shampoo for?? RM5.96 for each!! Am so glad I didn't buy it last week for RM13.90 each! I almost didn't manage to buy this because the Watsons staff told me they ran out of stocks already! But he was kind enough to ask his colleague to reserve for me at the 1-Stop Watsons! How lucky! :D

Ooh, a lot of people have been raving about the Hada Labo lotion (toner)! I wanted to buy it weeks back (at RM40.90) when I decided not to and bought a Nivea toner instead. But it was on sales at RM26.59! :DD

I bought a Silkygirl Double Intense Gel Eyeliner for RM9.56 instead of RM21 for its normal price! Never really noticed this before because usually I'll do my homework on a product before purchasing it but this was quite on impulse as my Maybelline eyeliner is finishing.

This is how it looks like.

The brush! Quite easy to apply on actually! Kinda satisfied with my first gel eyeliner! :)

I was tempted to get the Shu Uemure cleansing oil after getting my salary this month but that will have to wait now! Because the Maybelline make up remover was on sale at RM6.76!

My last mascara was the Majolica Majorca mascara which I bought like 2 years back? It's time to get a new one! I've heard about several vibrating mascara and decided to give this Maybelline Pulse Perfection Vibrating Mascara a try! Sharing it with my sister though. We bought this for RM23.96 instead of RM59.90!


At night, I attended a colleague's wedding dinner and decided to try putting on eyeshadow.
Of all the make-ups I have, I suck at putting eyeshadow somehow.

For the dinner, I applied this Maybelline Eye Studio eyeshadow which my sister bought! Hehe. It's good to have a sis who makes up, too! :P

This was taken after the wedding dinner...the eyeshadow looks quite light here but I think it's quite heavy already for me.. :/

My colleagues! The bride is the sweetest and prettiest bride I've ever known!

With my colleague and a colleague's gf!

That's a wrap for now!
Will be back soon with more posts!
And yay Babe is coming back this Friday ohmygeesh!!


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