Sunday, June 19, 2011

Babe is back!

Whee! So Babe is back from London, and I'm obviously over the top!
Been spending the whole weekend with him and life is simply splendid for now.
But weekend is coming to an end unfortunately... :(

Anyway we went to 1st Avenue yesterday to catch X-Men First Class and the movie was pretty good in my opinion.
I've never liked watching movies like Star Wars, Star Trek, X-Men (you get the drift) but I amazed myself when I actually enjoyed watching it yesterday.
Too bad Wolverine only appeared in a scene to say, "Go fuck yourselves." in the movie. -.-
Was hoping to see more of him!

Couldn't resist but to snap more photos using his dslr.. :D

Hello dear! Welcome home!

My favorite 'season' of the year in Malaysia. It's Mega Sales, babyyy!

My hair was horrible that day. Shades are pretty useful!

Chilling out at Starbucks thanks to the free WorldCard points from My Selangor Story competition! :)

Happy crowd in 1st Avenue.

Chocolate cream chip, anyone?

That's all for now!
Will be taking lots of photos using his dslr from now onwards! Haha.
Can't wait!


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