Wednesday, May 18, 2011

One of the Best Days

Today is no doubt one of the best days in my life.
Well, it first started with me waking up at 7am just to get a pathetic but important signature from my external examiner for my thesis (although this did not exactly make my day).
People from my uni especially my coursemates would have known today is the last day of thesis submission and all of us have at least a week to submit it after our viva ended last week.
However, just to clarify things (and to remind myself when I read this entry again after years), I am not such a huge procrastinator until have to pass up my thesis on the last day of submission.

Well, I have been working as an engineer in one of the oem's here on a contract basis since mid March until end of this month.
So basically after my viva on Tuesday, I had to head back to work early in the morning on Wed right until Friday.
Then on Monday when I wasn't working, I headed back to school after correcting my thesis and all, hoping to get my supervisor's and external examiner's signatures before passing it up on the same day.
But alas, my external examiner wasn't around and my PC refused to sign my thesis for me because she was on pms.
So I had to drive all the way back to the island and come back to uni again today because yesterday was a public holiday!
Which explains why I had to submit my thesis today.
End of story.

So anyhow, after handing it up, I felt like I could fly because it was as though a boulder was lifted off my shoulder after 4 years.
The feeling felt so surreal, I almost teared (hahaha, exaggerrating much but it's true!).
Then I treated myself to McD breakfast and guess what, they ran out of sausage mcmuffin!
But I happily agreed to the McD staff when she offered me egg mcmuffin instead, must be the good mood! :P

In fact, today I had a few goals to be completed, which is to redeem all my free samples from Clarins and Estee Lauder.
And yes you can do the same too just by clicking on the links I gave above.


To combat cellulites! My hand feels really smooth and soft after she applied the lotion on my arm. It smells really good too!

Moisturizer, recommended by the salesperson. A deep cooling effect when slapped on my another arm (haha) by the salesperson.


New B.B cream. Haven't tried yet.

Although it's just 5ml samples but hey, why spend hundreds of ringgits on a product which you do not have any idea whether it works or not?
Better yet, try it for yourself than just listening to others right?
But 5ml is just like...well, maybe it can last you for like a couple of days?
And who knows you can see/feel the difference then you might have just found your favorite skincare!

Anyhow, while waiting for the Clarins salesperson to come, I went and enquired about Clinique products because I have heard a lot of good reviews about them and I have a lot of concerns regarding my eye area *shakes head*.
The Clinique salesperson was the best of the lot.
Maybe because she was very attentive, willing to spend time talking to me and best of all, she didn't once force me to buy the products.
All she did was convincing me on how effective they are and providing me with several samples to try before deciding whether to spend such immense amount of money on skincare products.


Eye cream to fight fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles, puffiness etc.

Samples given: Toner (left) and moisturizer (right). She ran out of proper containers.

The toner.
The moisturizer.

So yes, people, although enquiring without buying might make you look like a cheapskate and 'green label' as how the Hokkiens would address such people, but it's definitely better than to buy them only to find out that they don't work on your skin.

My skin must be the luckiest of all my body parts today.

Then when I reached home, look what came in the mailbox! No, it's not LipIce's a Royal Mail, all the way from Edinburgh, UK!

Awesome first day cover of the beautiful couple!

A short background of the newly weds.

Actually, it's the First Day Cover which Babe ordered for me and my sister! Boy, I couldn't be happier!
I asked Babe to buy the stamps for me but he chose the First Day Cover instead because he's awesome like that!
And my sis wanted it after knowing what he got for me..hehehehe.
So who says you can't be a part of the Royal Wedding even when you're half a globe away??
Thank you, dear!!!!!!

Anyway, I'm heading back to work tomorrow! Hopefully I'll get more task to do because I really feel more like an intern than a real engineer now due to my odd schedule at work.

Hope you guys have a great day too and remember to count your blessings, people! :)

ps: Will probably blog about the skincare products after trying them out provided I see any difference on my skin condition (with the sad 5ml samples)....

pps: excuse me for the huge watermark because I feel lazy to resize it....:P



Kokd said...

Nice! U still din tell me whether they are nice or not!!

Bella Enveeus said...

Wow.. That FDC is the bestest! Cannot get one more extra ke? Heehee!

Augustine said...

Green label ?

CL said...

KOKD: Yes, they are!! Gonna treasure them with my <3!

Bella: hahahah...I'm sure you can! Just go to the Royal Mail website link! I put it on the words!

Augustine: Green tag???

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