Saturday, May 28, 2011

Mother's Day Dinner

I almost didn't get to log in to my blogger account! Tried for hours and finally am able to now.  
Phew~ the thought of not having access to the blog which I've been working on for years really scared the shit outta me.

Anyways, how did you celebrate Mother's Day this year?
For my family, we didn't do anything special, other than having a Thai dinner at Bravo Cafe located in town area.
The idea was just a random one because I saw the advertisement on a website and thought why not just buy the voucher and treat my family since we rarely eat out together.

So here are the photos of the day!

The cafe.

Very briefly decorated furnitures.


Some Thai essence in the cafe.

Because we booked earlier, so the dishes were prepared by the time we got there and they were still hot but ready to serve.

Chinese tea.

Kerabu mango.

A very normal kerabu which tasted like........kerabu.
I'm a very poor food commentator because my taste buds are pretty screw up!
At least that's what I think. :P

Green curry chicken.

I totally dislike this green curry chicken, probably because I'm not really a big fan of anything curry (although my name does sound like one wtf).
My sis likes it though. The chicken tasted a bit weird to me.

Fried vegetables.

This turned out to be quite nice actually.
I liked the idea that they deep fried the vegetable so it's quite unique and tasted not bad.

Stuffed crabs.

There were 4 of us but they only served 3 stuffed crabs. -.-"
Because apparently the voucher says the food can feed to about 3-4 persons but definitely not the stuffed crabs.

Tomyam seafood.

The tomyam soup was rather nice for a person like me who doesn't like spicy food that much.
There were squids and fish slices in the soup but looks can be deceiving.
The pot is actually very shallow! Not much of squids and fish slices. Instead the pot was filled with a lot of herbs and what not.

Thai steamed fish fillet.

This, in my opinion was the best dish of all.
The soup was a bit too salty but yet it was really delicious.
The fish was fresh and it was still steaming hot when it was brought to our table.

Meng kom.

No one wanted to touch this. Even my mom!
And to think that my mom seems to like traditional food, apparently she doesn't when it comes to this. :S
But to avoid wasting of food, I decided to eat such raw leaves for the first time in my life!
I thought I was gonna puke at first but in the end it was alright, especially when the honey and the nuts were added, the leaves didn't feel that awful anymore.

Sago dessert.

The sago dessert is pretty much like those you'll get everywhere.
Nothing to scream about that. But I don't remember this being in the menu when I bought the voucher.
Maybe it was on the house?

So yes, the dishes were enough for the 4 of us.
Actually it came with steamed rice but I didn't take pics of the white rice la..nothing so special about that.

Part of the deco.

Verdict: I don't really like the service there and the only dish I really liked was the fish. If it wasn't for the voucher I bought, it would have easily cost me RM100 for this dinner set which is totally not worth the price if this is the portion for 4 people.

The celebrated person and I.


Till next time!



Kokd said...

I want sago! The picture on the wall is the king and queen! They are respected like gods! The king is also very smart in business, music, arts engineering and flying!

daydreamer said...

where lai where lai?

CL said...

Kokd: Oooh, interesting! :)

Daydreamer: know Jemputree? It's on the same road...

daydreamer said...

nvm i ask huiping.hiak hiak.the food looks nice =)

CL said...

Nice but expensive if it's not on promotion!

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