Saturday, May 7, 2011

(McDonalds) McDelivery Sucks.

So few weeks back, I decided to order McDelivery for the first time in my life.
I've never made any orders through the phone before (as I can remember) so I thought why not, since I was hungry and there was no food at home.
In fact, there's a McD outlet less than 2km away from my house but I didn't wanna go out from the house as the weather was crazy hot and I didn't have my car with me.
So yes, maybe you can say I'm such a lazy pig but I was really hungry! Can barely move. :/

Long story short, I made the call and it took me a whole 10-15mins? to complete my order when I only ordered ONE freaking McValue meal.
I wanted Sundae as well but the operator said there's no Sundae available in the McD near my house.
I was like wtf?! No Sundae on a hot day? So nevermind, I thought.
Then, lo and behold, she asked me to wait for a maximum of 45mins for the delivery..I almost cancelled my order when I heard that.

So I waited.

10 mins gone.



What the hell?!? It's only bloody less than 2km and after 40 mins, my door bell rang.
I flashed a smile at the delivery boy and thanked him for bringing my late lunch for me as I paid him.

But after all the waiting, this was what I received:

 Can't see clearly?

I took a close up as well.

A freaking dirty straw with its wrapper torn!!!!!!!

I don't usually like to complain like this but I was really pissed off because not only they made me wait for so long but this is the kind of service I received from a reputable fast food brand??
So maybe the delivery man accidentally dropped the straw while on his way here or whatever the reason is, he could at least throw the straw away and not give it to the customer!
If that's the case, I would probably just complain about why didn't they give me a straw but I won't be as pissed as I was for receiving a DIRTY straw.


So yes, I swore I'll never call for a delivery again because IT SUCKS. Learnt my lesson well.

ps: I remember browsing through a McD page on Facebook where their fans posted their experiences with McD. Then I realized I wasn't alone. There were so many complaints! Far worse than mine!! I should be thankful. But now I can't seem to see the pics anymore...hmm. Wonder why!



Ariff Suffian said...

Did you complain? Well if you didn't you sure as hell should! Usually when I order Mc D's, I can say 90% of the time the burger will be sloppy. It depends on my mood, if it's bad. Then hell, I'm calling them back. The you go through the long process of the manager calling you, and replacing our food. Seriously it's annoying, if we pay you full price for the meal at least give us what we freaking deserve!

CL said...

I didn't complain..because it was only a straw..if it was my burger or etc, maybe I would have done something more severe. :P And I read from their fb's fan comments, I realize they do nothing about it even after complaining..sheesh!

Anonymous said...

Well, you should not eat McD food anyway. It's the worst tasting fast food I 've ever tasted (and really bad for your health, probably worst than any other junk food out there).

Next time you want delivery food, find some other place and order from there. Anything would be better than McD.

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