Monday, May 16, 2011

LipIce's New Range of Lipbalm - LipIce Fruity

Look what came in the mail the other day!
It was the LipIce's S.O.S (Society of Sistas)'s complimentary lip balm!

Really cute letter from them!

A short quiz to find out which flavor suits your style. Look at the free lipbalm stuck at the middle! So cute!

There are altogether 4 flavours available for this range:
♥ Grape blackcurrant
♥ Strawberry
♥ Lemon
♥ Apple

The backside of the letter. :P

I got the strawberry flava! Although I thought the lemon description suits me better. :)

So small but cute right!

Oh well, basically I just clicked 'Like' on their Facebook page and entered the S.O.S' promotion/offer??
Although it's just a tiny lipbalm, but hey, it's a free gift! What do ya expect, right?

After putting on the balm, I thought it was alright but the scent is definitely stronger than the previous LipIce lipbalms I used before.

But I have been having chapped lips these everytime I put on the balm, I start peeling my lips again!!!
Super bad habit I know! I just can't help it!!
So I can't really justify the results yet. :P

Oh well, I'll probably just try it again when my lips feel a lot better.



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