Sunday, May 15, 2011

My First Experience Playing In The Snow @ Hyde Park!

Before I talk about my 'fire', I shall blog about something which I have been procrastinating on for the longest time!
My first experience with snow in London!

Ok ok so maybe it happened like almost half a year ago but these are good memories so they shall all be immortalized in my blog FOREVAAA!!

Anyway, one morning when the snow storm was still ongoing, Babe and his friends decided to have dim sum at a Chinese restaurant which I've totally forgotten exactly where it is located.
It wasn't really cold but the snow made it so difficult for me to walk on because I'd like to believe that I bought a pair of rather useless boots from Sg. Wang and I kept slipping!!

*hears peeps yelling: Enough of the grandma story!! We want photos!!*

Ok it goes!

Foggy windows taken from the bus. Bottom left: on our way to Earl's Court station.

Everything is covered by the thick snow!! Syokness!

Camwhoring right outside Babe's flat!

The interior of the Chinese restaurant.

Nice chopsticks!

I wanted to take photos of the food but was rather erm...shy because I wasn't sure if Babe's friends would be comfortable with me doing so much photography of the food although I'm pretty sure he is already used to that hehehe.

After the dim sum, Babe and I decided to have some fun in the snow at Hyde Park!
We took the bus to Oxford Street and did some walking before reaching Hyde Park.

Look at the paws! I wonder if the dog feels cold.

Everyone's wearing so thick and the entire pathway is covered with snow!

Babe trying to make snowman but we didn't in the end. :P

A small cute snowman built by someone else.

See the PRET sign above his head? It's EVERYWHERE! They have a lot of PRET restaurants/cafe in the UK! Marble Arch at the background!

Whole Oxford St. became so muddy cos it stopped snowing...ewww.

A horse head sculpture beside Marble Arch...not to sure what's the purpose though.

One of the reasons why I miss London and Paris so much: Cute kids EVERYWHERE! Feels like wanna kidnap them! :P

At Hyde Park! Everyone is there to play with the snow!!

Attempting to make snow angel!

Outlined it for better clarity.

Everyone is having so much fun!

Shamelessly posing with a random snowman built by others. :P

Jumping with joy!

Look at the depth of the snow! Awesome!

Us with more snowmen!


Having fun with him! :)

The view of Hyde Park. Only part of Hyde Park actually. If you google map Hyde Park, it's actually freaking huge!

Babe drawing something...

Heheh....I love you too!

Don't you just love these trees?? Even with dried leaves, they still look so fawesome!

Camwhoring! :P

A frozen lake! Forgot what it's called but it's located at Hyde Park as well.

Sweet memories stay forever in my heart.

And so we made our way back home after playing with the snow and the feeling was really overwhelming!
I have never felt snow before until then and it was a really wonderful experience!
Wouldn't mind going there again just for the snow!

Although the snow did cause some inconvenience especially some people who wanted to fly out from London to spend Christmas with their family. :(

Oh, did I mention I love walking in London??
Only during winter season though because I barely even sweat a bit!
In fact, I did a lot of walking in London more than I ever walked in my life here in Malaysia!
But too bad my boots were leaky so apart from the half frozen feet, everything was perfect. :)



Kokd said...

31 more days! We go see more snow next time okay?

Nava Kishnan said...

For sure its a great experience although I have not, maybe in the near future.

Dania said...

Love Hyde Park during winter cuz it's more breath taking than in Summer. I dunno why :) You make miss it after reading your post CL!

adrienne said...

Thanks for sharing this, CL! I've never seen snow before so I thanks for posting about your experience there :)

Come visit Adelaide - accommodation on me :)

CL said...

KOKD: Okay! :)

Nava: I'm sure you'll get ur chance soon! :)

Dian: Awww...I thought summer should be nicer no?? I wish I could be in London during spring right now!!

Adryn: No prob...ooh I really want to go to Aussie!!!!! In that case, I shall put Adelaide top in my list when I visit Aussie. hehehe..thank u!!

Bella Enveeus said...

So beautiful! I love the snow! :)

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