Sunday, May 1, 2011


Another short post for the day!
Actually I only wanted to talk about the BROS bottle which I received a couple of weeks back!
But I just feel like starting the post with another outfit I wore recently! already getting old so need to preserve all these in my blog as much as possible. :P

Top: Illuminate (bought from a shop in MidValley)
Bottom: A stall in Air Itam market when I was free enough to accompany my mom to the market! Gotta love the Burberry inspired belt that comes with it! :D
Shoes: Erm...kinda forgotten to wear while taking the pics. But I wore the Carlo Rino gladiator shoes I bought not long ago here.
As you can see, most of the attire mentioned are not new because I can't be possibly buying new clothes so often!
At least for now my financial status doesn't really allow me to do that.....

Good times with turquoise colored nails!

Gotta love the embellishments and the lace at the edges!

A close up of my shorts! Heeee.....

So anyway, *sudden jump* back to my initial intention, here's the BROS bottle I received for free weeks ago!
Many of you might have already known how I got it (since my blog is mainly read by my friends -.-) but if you don't, fret not!
You can still go and 'Like' their Fb page here because who knows there'll be more chances of such in the future!

Oooh, BROS~

The tree was actually someone's thumb print!! *goes into CSI mode*

3 actions (Reduce, Reuse & Recycle) 2 (to) save (1) one earth!

Before this free bottle, I have been a BROS bottle user myself!
They never fail to impress me with their colorful designs on the bottles and although they're a bit costly, but the BROS bottle I bought lasted me around 2 years!
So if you can get a better quality bottle for a tad higher price, then I guess it isn't that bad after all.. :)

I love BROS! *eyes were forced open because I just came back from somewhere and kinda tired already -__-*

BROS ftw! :)

Kudos to BROS for keeping to their words, be it donating to the World Vision or actually sending the bottles to those who qualified for it!
Thank you, BROS!


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