Saturday, May 28, 2011

Mother's Day Dinner

I almost didn't get to log in to my blogger account! Tried for hours and finally am able to now.  
Phew~ the thought of not having access to the blog which I've been working on for years really scared the shit outta me.

Anyways, how did you celebrate Mother's Day this year?
For my family, we didn't do anything special, other than having a Thai dinner at Bravo Cafe located in town area.
The idea was just a random one because I saw the advertisement on a website and thought why not just buy the voucher and treat my family since we rarely eat out together.

So here are the photos of the day!

The cafe.

Very briefly decorated furnitures.


Some Thai essence in the cafe.

Because we booked earlier, so the dishes were prepared by the time we got there and they were still hot but ready to serve.

Chinese tea.

Kerabu mango.

A very normal kerabu which tasted like........kerabu.
I'm a very poor food commentator because my taste buds are pretty screw up!
At least that's what I think. :P

Green curry chicken.

I totally dislike this green curry chicken, probably because I'm not really a big fan of anything curry (although my name does sound like one wtf).
My sis likes it though. The chicken tasted a bit weird to me.

Fried vegetables.

This turned out to be quite nice actually.
I liked the idea that they deep fried the vegetable so it's quite unique and tasted not bad.

Stuffed crabs.

There were 4 of us but they only served 3 stuffed crabs. -.-"
Because apparently the voucher says the food can feed to about 3-4 persons but definitely not the stuffed crabs.

Tomyam seafood.

The tomyam soup was rather nice for a person like me who doesn't like spicy food that much.
There were squids and fish slices in the soup but looks can be deceiving.
The pot is actually very shallow! Not much of squids and fish slices. Instead the pot was filled with a lot of herbs and what not.

Thai steamed fish fillet.

This, in my opinion was the best dish of all.
The soup was a bit too salty but yet it was really delicious.
The fish was fresh and it was still steaming hot when it was brought to our table.

Meng kom.

No one wanted to touch this. Even my mom!
And to think that my mom seems to like traditional food, apparently she doesn't when it comes to this. :S
But to avoid wasting of food, I decided to eat such raw leaves for the first time in my life!
I thought I was gonna puke at first but in the end it was alright, especially when the honey and the nuts were added, the leaves didn't feel that awful anymore.

Sago dessert.

The sago dessert is pretty much like those you'll get everywhere.
Nothing to scream about that. But I don't remember this being in the menu when I bought the voucher.
Maybe it was on the house?

So yes, the dishes were enough for the 4 of us.
Actually it came with steamed rice but I didn't take pics of the white rice la..nothing so special about that.

Part of the deco.

Verdict: I don't really like the service there and the only dish I really liked was the fish. If it wasn't for the voucher I bought, it would have easily cost me RM100 for this dinner set which is totally not worth the price if this is the portion for 4 people.

The celebrated person and I.


Till next time!


Monday, May 23, 2011

To The 16 Year Old CL

Inspired by Boss Stewie and Ping Ping

Dear 16 Year Old Me,

You should know that this is the year when you will finally get to wear the red tie and skirt you've been yearning for.
The main reason is because you never liked your blue pinafore as it isn't the nice greenish blue Kimnovak pinafore which a lot of your other friends are wearing and your mom will normally just sew again the bottom of your pinafore to make it longer as you grow taller.
When you finally get appointed as a prefect, you will execute your duties well even if it means having more foes in your class who dislike you especially when you ask them to lower down their voices.

On top of that, a lot of people will misunderstand you for being a strict yet cruel prefect because apparently your 555 notebook has the most number of delinquents (with 3 quarter of them being the latecomers) among other prefects.
What to do, your senior prefects demand that you and your other peers should have more names written in that book because they don't believe that we don't catch anyone disobeying school rules.
So yes, somebody in your sister's class will eventually vote you as the "Don't play-play prefect" or something of that sort during your graduation dinner in the following year because of that....but you won't win it anyway!

This year, you will become closer to a friend, a friend whom you didn't get to know that well before even though you were in the same patrol last year.
She will be in the same class as you because initially you both are planning to take the IT subject but in the end, you both will drop it and eventually sit together in the class.
Who would have known, in Form 5, you both will be inseparable, sharing each other's deepest secrets, the tears and joy and right until now, after 8 years, you will still be in touch, calling each other buddies. :)
But damn it, she will be making twice the amount of money you're making now so you should stop dreaming about your prince charming who is apparently still in London and get a life instead!

Anyway, one of your regrets would be not having to maintain the close relationship you used to have with another 3 of your classmates.
These 3 people you knew since Form 1 are the people who you have always been close with, the people you too know can share your secrets with.
But deep down inside, you feel inferior.
Inferior because you know you're not as smart as them, inferior because they do not compare your results with them as theirs are better than yours and you eventually shun yourself away from them.
That, my-self, is a big mistake.
But you know they will always welcome you with open arms whenever you need them.
However, things get a little too late sometimes, so eventually, you can only wish you could turn back time and do things differently.
Although 8 years later, you will still be able to bond back with at least 2 of them, and hope to make things right again.
While another one is coming back next CNY!

This year will also mark the first time you have your puppy love(s) (although you will think that it's true love).
This guy was nice to you the year before during a camp and you will be very happy and excited when he asks you to be his gf although you know you might hurt another friend's feeling.
You feel really bad, because you have known your friend since elementary school and this will cause both of you to stop talking for quite some time. :(
It isn't your intention to hurt her at all, hopefully she knows that.
But heck, after 2 weeks of the so-called 'relationship', you get dumped because apparently that guy wanted to further his studies elsewhere but he will eventually end up with another one of your friends. Talk about karma. Haha.
But you won't get angry with that friend because she's too cute to get mad at and who are we kidding, it's only 2 weeks, never even hold hand/kiss/hug...only eat together once or twice. Hahaha.

But you will cry so badly during your tuition, causing stares from other tuition mates but you will be thankful that you have your new found close friend to console you when you need her the most.
And not to mention, you will feel stupid for being so emotional because half a year later, you will be grateful for being dumped.
And so, life goes on....

When you're 16, you will be able to buy your very first mobile phone with the money you earn from being a part-timer.
You will start playing miss-calls because somehow a lot of people like to waste their phone's battery life and you will be tempted to do the same.
Yes, very silly indeed.
But one fine day, you will do something that you'll be proud of for probably the rest of your life: You miss call him, innocently because he is one of the few people who has mobile phone at that time.
He's a very straight forward yet curious boy at that time so he calls back without knowing that you are just playing 'miss-calls'.
Then in January next year, he'll ask you (or rather his friend will do the deed) THE question.
And your answer to his question will be the most brilliant answer you have ever answered in your life thus far.

Oh and you will get a pathetic 4B for your moral in SPM thanks to your moral teacher, Sugus who caused most of your friends to get their SPM results ugly as well. Hmmph!

Then the rest will be history which you will be jotting down in here.... :D

24 year old you.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Avril Lavigne's New Music Video - Smile

My favorite female artiste of all time is back with a new music video, "Smile" for her latest album, "Goodbye Lullaby"!!!

I've been in love with her ever since her first debut single "Complicated" and I keep looking out for more of her!

So glad that she's back from a hiatus with even greater and more self-composed songs in her new album!!

I'm really in love with this new video!
It's so Avril and she just keeps getting prettier, doesn't she???

Watch and judge it yourself!


Avril and her fans in Hong Kong. Awesome sheeeetz.

Suddenly I make myself sound like a 16-year old.......but I really love her!!!!!!!



Since I've already edited and resized the photos from my previous holiday trip, I decided to blog about it before I get too lazy!
Will have to kick my white angel aside for the moment. :P

Anyway, just like what most people would say, if you ever go to countries like UK etc, you should not miss the chance to go other EU countries as well!
And so, that was what Babe and I did for 4 days 3 nights.


In fact, it was Babe's 2nd time there and when he was there the 1st time, I remember asking him why did he go to the most romantic city in the world without me!
He promised me before that one day in the future, he'll bring me to Paris and so he did (although the day came wayyyyy earlier than I had expected).

So we took the Eurolines bus to Paris from Victoria, London and it was snowing all the way.

In the bus, can't wait to reach Paris!!

Supposedly it should only take us 6 hours to reach but due to the bad weather (it was still snowing), we ended up reaching Paris after 10 hours!
Things would be much more pleasant if it wasn't also for another couple who can't stop yapping beside us throughout the whole journey causing both our sleep! Urgh.

Reached Paris! Bought our daily passes for the Paris Metro.

The first thing I managed to notice about the buildings in Paris is that almost all of them were painted with graffiti!!
When I say almost all of them, I really mean it!
The weird thing is that, how did they manage to paint those graffiti at places which are really high up??
You know, the kind of places which can only be reached by ladders and whatnot.
Those artists must be really enthusiastic. Hrrmmm.
However, they're not ugly graffiti....they're actually very artistic and not like some random passerby who just sprays "XXX was here!" kinda thing. -.-

Anyway, first stop was our place of accomodation - totally forgot the name (oh, it's Perfect Hostel).
All I can remember was upon reaching the station, it was still raining and poor luggage was drenched as we walked towards the hotel. :(

Oh and the 2nd thing I noticed about Paris??
Nope, nothing romantic or beautiful just yet, but poops.
Yeap, dog poops.
I was rather taken aback because who would have thought a place as romantic as Paris will be filled with such a thing on the pavement!
I don't mind if it's like you know, one or two, but there were really A LOT along the walkway. (you can even google about it)
I can only thank god for not stepping on any throughout my time there!
Imagine having to look out for poops everytime when you walk instead of enjoying the scenery in Paris. T__T
Sorry, no pics on poo poo.

Babe at the lobby.

Anyway, we were a tad early to check in so after leaving our luggage in the hostel, we decided to explore the city.

The view opposite our hotel.

Exploring Paris!

I loveeeee how the buildings look so old yet strong.
Instead of looking at the usual concrete jungle, it was a good change to be able to see less cars and breathe fresher air!

Snowing + raining: Not quite a good combination.


After a while, we checked in and freshened up a little before continuing our sightseeing!

Nice wall!

Us in the Metro!

2nd stop of the day was Les Quatres Temps, a shopping mall at La Defense!
It's located right beside the famous La Grande Arche de la Fraternité (aka La Grande Arche de la Défense - I obviously googled both). Photos below!

Getting excited!

Cute toilet sign! In fact, they're different on every toilet available in the mall.

Dropped by to have some light snacks.


Raspberry pie which was a total yums!!

Part of the cafe.


Awesome hanging Christmas tree!

Kids sitting on Santa's lap. It was Christmas season after all!

After walking a bit in the mall, we decided to get some fresh air outside and also to look for food!
Then we reached this market called Marche de Noel which basically functions like a night market but the difference is that it's carpeted!!
Imagine how damped the red carpet was...and my boots were still leaky fyi. FML.

In front of the market outside the mall.

Looking for more food! Heheh.

Some glass art or something...

A super red Santa...kinda eerie..

The market was crowded and wet!


German sausages??


Actually, I wished Parisians were a bit more friendly.
When we were near the food stall, they happily screamed something in French (most probably welcoming us to buy the food) then when Babe approached one of them and asked, "Parlez-vous anglais?", chich means do you speak English in French.
The guy straight away changed his facial expression and said, "A little".
More of such experiences along the way.

Can someone enlighten me what are these buildings behind the market??

The Grande Arche!

Yay, happy with my noms noms!! Hood was on because it was cold like mad. The food was the only thing that kept my hands warm! The gloves were pretty...meh.

One of the entrances to the mall.

A casino inside the mall.

The name of the cafe says it all.

Took a breather outside the mall when it got darker...

Really nice Christmas decorations!

Oh and do you know that people are allowed to bring their pets into the mall?
Pets as in dogs....hugeeeeeee pet dogs.
So now I know Parisian loves their dogs a lot that they bring them everywhere they go!
But I don't think they like to clean their dog poops very much.

A hot chocolate before we called it a day!

I realized I complained a lot about Paris...but it doesn't mean I don't like the city.
I have always been in love with old historical and vintage-looking buildings, which was one of the reasons I love Europe so much.
But after all, I had the perfect companion which tops everything else. :)


My Traveled Map

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