Monday, April 25, 2011

Beauty Haul & Sushi King Bonanza

I still haven't blogged about my London trip last Dec!
Sigh...feeling so lazy to resize and upload so many pic...guess it'll have to wait!

Anyway, I went to 1st Avenue just now to shop for some beauty necessities and have lunch with my gf's at Sushi King!
Life feels so gooooooooooood when you have little things to worry about!
Or at least it's little until they become more apparent. :/

It was a good hair day!
I have been trying so hard to get my skin back to its condition before all the exams and project stress came.
But I've been sleeping late (at least 2am everyday without fail...sigh) so it's pretty much still the same except for the fact that I stop being so stressed up.
So I decided to doll up a little but with no eyeliner because I kinda felt too lazy to draw the lines...

A little camwhoring for a good day!

Outfit of the day:
Top: Nichii
Bottom: Leggings from Evelyn (hahah wore it to London and the condition was pretty bad so I bought her a new pair of the same leggings and I kept hers :P)
Heels: Shoepoint
Bag: BUM Equipment

Haha, I have never done that kind of caption before...but I'll probably do it only once a month...or less!

Good hair day! Can't be bothered by the dirty mirror! :P

So after buying my stuffs, I met up with MC, Serena, SP and HZ to have some sushi!
Sushi King is having their annual Sushi King Bonanza again and basically all rice-based sushi is only RM2!
Not sure how long the promotion lasts...probably till this Friday?

MC looking so neat with her newly trimmed hair!

Sausages on rice...Serena says it's Paul the Octopus with mayonnaise as the eyes. -__-
HZ and SP looking happy to have some sushi!!

Part of our plates. Actually we didn't even eat much but it's alright! One shan't be too greedy....


Mirrors in Sushi King! I'm a sucker for mirrors! :P

That pretty much sums up what I did for today!
And last but not least,

My beauty haul for the day:
Top left: Cheapo nail polish remover from Dynns? An accessories shop in 1st Avenue and it has thin cotton pads soaked in the remover worked well when I tried using the tester.

Bottom left: Olay White Radiance cream cleanser. A product I used to swear upon and finally came back to using it after Hada Labo and Ginvera. I think I mentioned somewhere in my blog before that I like to constantly change my skincare products because I feel that when the same product is used on the skin for too long, the effect isn't that significant anymore to me.

Right: Garnier self-heating sauna mask. Normally I'd grab the Garrnier Lightening Peel-Off mask but I thought it's time to change too! :D

That's all for now!
Before I get too laid back, I should kick start my final year project powerpoint slides...

Till next time,



Nava Kishnan said...

Definately a great offer at sushi which anyone cannot resist, worth the money with the nice food.

Kokd said...

Awww... use the automatic resize in photoshop? Wah! So many plates! So camwhore.. I like :)

Augustine said...

Nice.Girls money easy to earn

CL said...

Nava Kishnan: but I somehow thought the seafood wasn't that fresh.. :(

Bb: -__-" Yea, I know about the photoshop...but too many pics...lazy to choose. :P

Augustine: Erm...guys one shirt can buy a lot of girl's tops d lo... :P

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