Friday, March 25, 2011

A Super Belated Post

So it's kinda late to even mention anything about CNY (or should I say it's too early?) but I've got to update my almost dead blog!
Life's been nothing but 'great' but I choose to enjoy it no matter how!

Anyway, it's a bunny year and bunnies are not having quite a luck, are they...... *stares at self
So I actually don't have much to say but here's some photos I took during the most celebrated festival among the Chinese (or so I think)!

(The night photos were taken on CNY eve!)

Wonder what on earth was I thinking. I didn't make this letter on purpose!

The more normal photo. From my house's balcony! @Sheena

Below are photos taken on the 2nd day of CNY!
Didn't take photos on the 1st day because my relatives came to my house so I didn't go out!
Not going out = no photos! :P

2nd day of CNY was when my family went to Butterworth to visit the maternal side family!

Getting ready! *grins

My bro and Connie!

My mom and one of her 5 sisters! @.@ Sometimes I'm thankful I don't have that many siblings!

My pretty sis and my mom!

With my cousin!

With my cousin brother who is getting so tall! I've watched him grow since he was born!

Chilling out my aunt's place.

The sun was scorching hot!! We had steamboat at my aunt's somemore so I was practically sweating like mad!

Random duck face - fail.

The girls!

One of my cutesy cousins! Since young, her lashes have been very long but too bad it's not obvious from the pic! So envious.

Pixelated the plate number for erm privacy in case someone wants to kidnap erm..the car.

My grandpa and his daughters! Another brother is still sleeping I think. Haha.

So that pretty much sums up what I did on the 2nd day of CNY!
I'm still contemplating if I should update the dinner I had that night with my island family..hmm.

But I've been busy juggling between my contract job and uni work!
I can't believe I put myself in such a position at the most important semester of my whole uni life!

Crap, I ended up blogging so poorly (not that I'm good at blogging but I normally like to tell grandmother stories in my post....NORMALLY) like basically all the pictures also can be seen from my fb!

Hope you enjoyed my picture telling wth.



NaNa said...

nice shot from the balcony..
i miss Farlim!!! so does Penang~~~

Kokd said...

Bb... you look so cute in one of the pics =)

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