Saturday, March 5, 2011

Premier Screening: Drive Angry (Courtesy of Nuffnang!)

Woots! After 3 years of joining the Nuffnang blogging community, I finally earned myself two premier screening tickets for the movie Drive Angry!
This is (probably) the first time Nuffnang has ever held such screening in Penang because most of the premier screenings were held in KL/Selangor.
I was really elated when they sent me the invitation upon selecting my slogan as one of the Top 75 for the screening!

And where was the screening held? Look no further.........

That's right! It's none other than the first TGV Cinemas in this little island.

On the way to my 1st premier screening!

TGV is located on the 8th floor in 1st Avenue (which was opened last November) and it can be accessed through both the escalators and elevators!
I had a hard time trying to search for the cinema because I didn't know it was at the top floor and the escalators are situated at the corner of the building!

Very spacious and new!

The Nuffnang crew came at almost 3pm to distribute the passes and my seat number was flying like a G6 (okie a bit redundant but hey, I like that song).
And of course I wasn't alone for the movie!
I invited CY along to enjoy the movie with the rest of the Nuffnangers!

The premier passes!

The cushioned seats!

The movie took about 2 hours and my verdict about it is: Please don't waste your money to watch it.
In my opinion, the movie is way far from Nicolas Cage's standard (such as National Treasure, Face/Off to name a few).

It has a lot of untold stories like where the hell (in the end I realized they did come from hell after all, no kidding) did Milton (Nicolas Cage) and The Accountant (acted by the guy who acts in Prison Break as Mahone- lazy to google for his name) did they come from.
And the whole movie felt pretty much like a low budget movie somehow.
Fyi, I'm not being ungrateful for the tickets but both CY and I were rather disappointed with the movie.

And be mentally prepared to hear a lot of the word 'F*ck' from beginning until the end of the movie.
But the girl was really hot wtf.

However, I was also a bit disappointed because the Nuffnangers in Penang didn't get the chance to mingle among ourselves (or did I miss the networking session).
Probably because this is the first screening in Nuffnang, please do more events/activities for the bloggers in Penang!
Nonetheless, thank you for the free passes!

And ooh, look what I saw parked outside the mall!

Car convoy for Drive Angry!

Actually I saw these cars earlier from the 8th floor but keep forgetting to tell CY to go down to have a look. :(
I took all those photos from the car as CY drove passed the building!



Augustine said...

Nice pic u got !

CL said...

Thanks! :)

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