Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My First Musical Show and Snow!

Spotted: Two and a half men seats.

Day 2 (haha don't worry I'm not gonna write a blog post for every single day) was the much anticipated day!
Babe signed both of us up for an investment talk held by Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad Poor Dad's author).......'s group.
Initially we both thought the person himself was gonna give the talk! That was why I was really looking forward to it after reading Rich Dad.
But nonetheless, we had a great time, learnt a few tips about investment and hopefully we'll be great investors in the future!

Maybe I should consider enlarging my photos and blog posts again..

Oh, did I mention the talk was held at Hilton Kensington?

Anyway, after the talk, we walked across the street to one of the newest malls in London: Westfield!
This is the first mall I've ever been to in London and it was also Babe's first time there!

Random note: Everywhere (well almost) in London has cctv! Quite scary but it actually makes you feel a lot safer! Well, couldn't blame them after what happened few years ago..

One of the nicest and cutest subway signs!

Outside the mall.

Beautiful chandelier in Westfield!

Westfield is pretty much like any other malls in Malaysia except that it has sky high ceilings, ginormous decorations and beautiful lightings!
The security didn't allow us to snap photos without any human object inside, well, for security purposes again..
But I sneakily took these few pics below with my Red Devil! hehe.
And I was really in love with the decorations in the mall itself!

I so want this as my future Christmas tree! Can slowly eat the tree up to save space!

This was taken with my Red Devil! Looks quite like the DSLR quality I must say!

Bought ourselves an ice-cream in the cold!

Santa Claus trying to imitate the Marilyn Monroe's signature look.

Since shopping is already in my blood, I couldn't resist myself and started searching for lip gloss which was something I've been wanting to get!
And the Superdrug store in London is like Watsons and Guardians in Malaysia!
Only difference is it is much bigger than both!

Too excited hence the big grin.
The funny thing about shopping for cosmetics in Superdrug is they have this screen where you can choose the ligloss color of a certain brand, then face yourself in front of the screen for your face to be snapped and wala, you can see how the color looks like on your lips!
So awesome!!
I spent quite an amount of time there la because I was really spoilt with choices and technology but Babe was so nice!
He didn't complain even a bit which makes me feel even more guilty than ever. :(

A variety of candies to savour your sweet tooth!

Looking like a penguin, all wrapped up~

The subway was closed! Gotta take the bus back instead.

The cafeteria beside Imperial's library.

Notice the sleet?

If there's another thing I love about London, it has gotta be the fact that everyone who lives in London knows that whenever you're on an escalator, you should stand to your right to let others pass through!
We never do that in Malaysia. :/


At Chinatown, feeling extremely cold! Hardly could get any decent picture!


On one of the days in London (Day 5 to be exact), Babe took me to watch one of the longest-running broadway show in history: Wicked!

A beautiful day in Victoria, London where the show was held.

Hardly see such a bright and shiny day in London!

I didn't know that musicals are such a hit in London!
According to babe's housemate, Reuben, Londoners love watching musicals just as how we Malaysians love watching movies in the cinema!
And he totally wasn't kidding.

Such a huge crowd turnout for that night itself!

For a moment, I thought the salesgirl was a mannequin. :/

At the entrance..oh boy, the sudden gush of excitement!!

One of the backdrops and look at the dragon above it!!

Paid £27.50 each for the show! Totally worth it!

Haha, the guy on the right was trying to avoid himself from being captured..honestly, I wasn't even looking when I took this pic!

Contacts aside, time to look nerdy at night!

Die die must compensate the nerdy look although this isn't very nice..oh wells.

We weren't allowed to capture any video/photo during the show but basically it tells the other side of the story in the Wizard of Oz.
Unlike me, I watched WOZ before but only once and I hardly remember the story but I still enjoyed myself a lot!
Really love how all the performers seemed to make the show effortlessly successful (after all I'm sure they've performed for a very long time now..)!
If you guys have a chance to visit London, do remember to watch Wicked!
I'm sure you won't regret it! ;)

After the performance! Still overwhelmed with exhilaration!

Day 5 was also when I saw snow for the first time!
Sleet is not counted la because I barely felt it since it melted right when it touched my hand!
At that moment, Babe already went to college and Zhen (his housemate) suddenly told me about it as I walked out from the bathroom!

The first time I ever witnessed a snowstorm!

When he told me there was a snowstorm outside, I imagined something like this:

Fine fine, I was exaggerating. :P
I could barely contain my joy when I saw the snow and grabbed my camera without hesitation (typical Asian, everything also must take photos instead of living the moment wtf)!
But of course i enjoyed the view and wished Babe was there to witness it with me! :(

However, the snowstorm only lasted for a very short while!
When Babe came back, I told him that I wanted to play with the snow and that was exactly what we did the next day!


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