Sunday, February 13, 2011

My O-Rated Valentine

Oh wow, I realised I've only blogged about Valentine's Day last year through out my years of blogging!
How interesting.

Anyway, I said this last year, and I'm gonna say it again this year:

Valentine's Day is overrated.

Maybe you can say it's because Babe is not here to celebrate with me but last year when he was around, I mentioned the same thing too here.

Click on the pic to see where I got this pic from.

Or it could also be due to the fact that I never really had a proper Valentine celebration before in my life (sad much?) even after 7 years of being with him (it also depends on how you define VDay celebration).
I'm not complaining because we're not always together during this time of the year and therefore I seldom ask for Valentine's gift (ok fine except for the fried oyster I publicly ask on my fb status :P).
Of course, I wouldn't mind if Babe/anyone is nice enough to give me one, though! :)

As cliche as it may sound, it is true that everyday can be a Valentine's Day if you want to.

Just to be able to spend time together (no, Skype doesn't count), doesn't matter which day of the year it is, is considered a bliss to me.
Why wanna spend so much money for a VDay dinner at a posh restaurant just to impress your partner?
If both your love is true, even home-cooked instant noodles will do the trick.

However, sometimes people do change.
So just don't take me too seriously when I say the day is overrated for I might not say the same thing in the following years!

Anyway, I'm off to continue my (hopefully possible) mission for tomorrow so wish me luck y'all!

And to my one and only,



mie said...

i agree with you CL, any day is VDAY when u gt to spend precious time with ur love ones... heheheh...
and home cooked meal can alwiz do the trick...

ken said...

ya.. V-Day is overrated.. :)

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