Tuesday, February 1, 2011

KL With The Girls! (II)

Is life getting boring or it's just me getting old?

Anyway, since I have a headache now after thesis writing and tv watching (way to go, CL...sigh), I decided to continue where I left my KL With The Girls post.
So here's the Part II!

After sharing an "intimate" night with CY and Eve, all 3 of us woke up to a beautiful morning (okie this is getting more cliché than ever) and it was the blinds leading the blinds journey all the way to LimKokWing Uni to attend our friend, ceekayque's final year exhibition!

 Hand wipes that came with our McD takeaway!

I've always wanted to go to LKW Uni LUCT (not sure if that's the correct acronym used..oh I found out it's LUCT) more so after watching Gol & Gincu on tv.
I've always had this impression that the uni will take my breath away with its awesome artsy-fartsy mural paintings, banners and basically everything artistic because afterall LKW is an academy of creativity and innovation (I googled that). After driving through McD along the highway, with the help of the lady GPS, we managed to find our way to LUCT ahem.

Indeed, LUCT did not fail me but it was only on the outside did it impress me (no offense, KQ :P) because as we walked into the uni, all I saw was super spacious center with very little students.
I guess I can tolerate the lack of students at that time because it was probably holiday season but the uni was really empty!

At one point I actually wondered if there is any proper lecture theaters...or maybe I just don't understand art?
But the thing is, the walkway seems improperly developed and yeah, it was basically empty.
However, things changed when we walked into the exhibition room which was actually a studio!

I liked the idea of how they put their artworks which were in advertisement boards form (not sure if I get that right) hanging down from the ceiling.
The studio was just a normal studio with mirrors but with their works decorating the space, it makes the studio looked very lively!

This looks kinda cool. Again, from a non-artist's PIV.

 All hail the "Queen".

The artist and her masterpiece!

KR in blue who came all the way from Sg to support CKQ! How nice!

Although being someone who knows almost nothing about art (although I know art is very subjective so maybe I do know something about art after all..hehe), I was really impressed with the different ideas that were put to make this exhibition a success.

But it really makes me wonder...how can people be so creative??!
I definitely don't see myself being an artist or expressionist, I barely know how to draw a nice stick figure properly.
And to think that people say left-handed peeps are usually very creative.
I soooo beg to differ. :S

 No, the beanie on my head wasn't meant to make me look creative...

Congrats on your exhibition, CKQ! You did great but I wished I know how to interpret art better than maybe I'll be able to appreciate your work more..

Nonetheless, it was a great experience to be in LUCT for the first time.
I see for myself that creativity knows no limit and trust me, I have infinite respect for artists because although I may not fully understand their work, but I really am impressed with what they have done to the world.
Because if it wasn't for them, we'll probably only live with numbers in our lives.

Okay, that's pretty random but anyhow...CY and I headed to Sg. Wang with the hopes of searching nice winter clothings for my London trip.
But our hopes were dampened when we were caught in a massive jam heading to the parking lots in Sg.Wang.
After getting stuck in the jam for hours, we finally managed to find ourselves a nice parking spot and rushed off to the plaza.

Half-priced sushi for dinner! Yums!

But I only managed to buy myself a pair of boots and jeans because the winter jackets although not expensive but I didn't see the relevance when I got there.
So in the end we left Sg. Wang Plaza for Fahrenheit88 after buying our dinner!

Saw a really cool antique car parked beside CY's car!

Did some touristy shot in Fahrenheit.

Washroom shot which I don't normally do but wth.

Y.E.S. have and always been my favorite words.
Actually S alone is good enough. :P

My first time in Uniqlo and nope, sadly I didn't get myself their knitted range of clothings.
CY bought some tights though! Which eventually became her pyjamas.. @.@
And I don't understand why so many people were queueing up for their opening ceremony...it's not cheap and their clothes are moderately nice only what..

After which we walked over to Pavillion to have some dessert!

It was during Christmas season when we went to Pavillion hence all the beautifully lit decorations!
Really love all the lights and humongous Christmas tree!
They never fail to make me feel festive..hehe.

And the rest is just hunting for a place to have our desserts but when we were hunting, I saw this shop which was filled with people and to my surprise it was the Sticky shop!

Had to snap because I've only seen on tv...or so I think.

Finally decided to go to Ministry of Food to have our desserts!
What a catchy name, no?

CY and her shopping haul!

After that it was back to Eve's place before I headed back home to my little island alone..

Need to get some lunch now.
Feeling rather uninspired to blog again.

PS: Bro's coming back tomorrow! Whee!


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