Wednesday, February 2, 2011

London, Here I Come!

Finally my first blog entry to kick-off the London trip post!
So it was my first time boarding the plane alone all the way to the other side of the globe but before that, I took Firefly from Penang to Subang and guess how much it cost me??

RM45!! I consider that cheap because if I were to take a Plusliner, it's gonna cost me RM35 and 4.5hours.
But with an additional of RM10, I could save almost 3 hours of my time! :O

Queuing up to check-in. Took me dem long because one family was having some problem at the counter..sigh.

The plane I boarded! I think I was the last one to board because I didn't realize the flight being called...phew~

Sounds pretty unbelievable but that's what I got!
And everybody else in the same plane, of course.

Typical beverages given by Firefly.

This is so cute! Took this in the plane because I was bored!

After staying a night in Sunway, I was ready to face the 13-hour flight..all by myself!

Blue backpack checked, blue luggage checked...hmmm.

Getting excited!

Babe's bro dropped me off at Kelana Jaya LRT and I took the commuter straight to KL Sentral to take the bus to LCCT.

Alone again! But thank god I'm not that dumb after all..

So people, I hope you guys are aware of the bus service provided for the public's convenience to travel from from KL Sentral-LCCT and vice versa!
Just that you have to book online to get a cheaper rate or if not, buy on the spot!

While waiting for the gate to be opened.
Right before I boarded, an old lady who was on her way to visit her grandchildren in London told me that there was once her daughter was sent back to Malaysia because she (the daughter) couldn't get passed the immigration in the UK.

That kinda freaked me out a little because who would wanna be sent all the way back after a freaking 13-hour of flight just because you're not convincing enough for the immigration officer??!!
And not to mention it was my first time going so far alone..

Boarding another plane in less than 24 hours..but this one is one huge plane! (or the biggest I've ever been on)

Initially when I found my seat, I was really elated because it was beside the window but my worst nightmare appeared shortly before my seat was even warmed.

A 3-seater row.

Right before the plane began to fly, 2 kids from Zimbabwe (I managed to glance at their passport) came and sat beside me.
At first, I was alright with it because I don't see myself having problems with kids.
Lo and behold, I forgot the fact that kids are darn playful.
They played and talked for hours and giggled very loudly and the kid beside me kept hitting me with his elbow T__T accidentally of course but how do I tell them?!?
So I pretty much suffered my way there...but it was so much better when they finally got exhausted and fell asleep.
Wasn't for long though!!!

Fluffy clouds!! Great weather at some country..not too sure which country I was flying pass at that time.

I was given two pre-ordered meals and I actually expected worse than what I've received after hearing what my friends told me about in-flight food.

First meal: Chicken lasagna.

Chicken lasagna was quite good actually.
The cheese wasn't too much for me and it was still warm when served.
I managed to finish this but hours later after that, they served the 2nd meal:

2nd meal: BBQ Chicken

I couldn't finish the bbq chicken T.T because I was feeling a little dizzy already..the hours of flight has started to take its toll on me. :(

But everything after that was quite good because I think the kids were tired already and they stopped making so much noise.
I slept most of the time during the flight not because I don't wanna get jet-lagged but because if I stayed awake, I'll probably puke in the plane.
Yes, my tolerance is that low. Sigh.

But thank god I didn't! *pats self*

Upon reaching Stansted Airport, I messaged Babe who was already on his way to pick me up!
Can't be more excited!!

And then came the immigration.
I saw the old lady who told me about her daughter's experience queueing up at the UK border and I suddenly remembered what she told me.
Man, I was super worried!

At the UK Border..

Luckily everything went smoothly and look who I saw right after I came out from the arrival gate!!

Had to blur this pic because I looked super horrible after the long hours of flight!

My first food in London: Bacon sandwich with lotsa love from him. Haha.

The £2 van service we took all the way back from the airport to Babe's place!




Sy said...


RM 45 from Penang to Subang is really cheap n save cost ..... :)

As for AIRASIA X , wahhhh so xian mu can go so far tillllll LONDON !!!!!!! And AIRASIA X is damn big lol , 40 over rows but check-in online so tt u can be in front rows and the toilet are cleaner in front and so much quieter than the back !

That time i went to Chengdu with AIRASIA X , the BBQ Black Pepper Chicken is damn good k !!!!! Still missing it and looks better than urs LOL !!!!!!!!!!! =P

Looking forward to your other LONDON Adventures !!!!!! :)

Azuan said...

Great trip report on the flights. How do u find the seat pitch on the Air Asia? Comfortably recline?

You're not supposed to take photo of any Immigration in any coutries! Hehhee

Look forward for London blog posts!

ken said...

Ahhhh.. i miss my flight to london as well! :D

just thought of sharing my flight with you -> Journey from KLIA to UK

Those were the days.. missing it alot.. have fun and enjoy your time there! :)

CL said...

Sy: haha..walao u did your homework eh..not bad!! Such a detailed travel blogger u are!! I did try the bbq chicken on my flight back to Msia but it was alright i guess..haha. Wat do u mean yours is better than mine?!!? Now I'm envious!!! >:(

Azuan: I guess as expected the seat is pretty small..but for my size it's stil alright! hehe. The recline was just fine..I expected worse! Haha. Oh crap..I didn't know I can't take the pic there! Haha..luckily they didn't stop me at the border!!!!

Ken: Wah your experience sounds so much cooler! And your in-flight mean..@.@ I enjoyed my time there! Can't wait to blog more and thanks for sharing! :)

CL said...

Ken:*meal...not in-flight mean. Typo. :P

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