Monday, January 17, 2011

Deaths In A Flash

Hello everyone....*cricket sound* *wipes the dust away from my blog*

So I'm back here again after more than a week of hiatus.
As most of you would have already guessed it, my laptop failed me and I have no plans on reviving it until the world comes to an end.
Okie maybe I'm just kidding.

Right now, as I'm typing this on a friend's laptop (she lends me a laptop for one whole week because she's away for a week! So nice, right!!), I have both happy and sad thoughts which have been clouding my mind.

Let's start with the sad thoughts because I don't feel like ending my blog post with such emotional feelings.

Just more than a week ago, as I was browsing through my facebook page as usual, I came across a couple of my friends' statuses which mentioned the passing of someone I knew by name.
I was taken aback and could barely believe what my eyes saw.
I told Babe about it and he confirmed the matter later on.
Although I might not know him personally, I hope he'll rest in peace and condolences to his family and friends.

And just recently, I got to know about my friend's relative who just passed away during the weekend.
I may not know the reason behind the death, but I saw the tears in her eyes when she told me about it.
My heart sank but I held back my tears (athough there were already tears in my eyes because I have flu) hoping to look stronger.
I didn't know what to do to make her feel better but I hope she'll be alright when she's back.

Just yesterday, my mom was telling me and her friend that there are usually more deaths in the beginning of the year before Chinese New Year.
I wanted to disagree with her by saying that I believe death happens all year round, but I can't because she was somewhat right.
Just as I've mentioned, 2 people who are close to the people I know passed away this month and I remember a few more in the recent years around this time as well.

And if you've been keeping yourself updated with the news, I'm sure you would come across the flash floods in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, which took more than 600 lives and as well as the one in Queensland, Australia.

What do you feel when you see this amount of caskets laying around?

I wanna write about how I feel about the deaths but I don't think I should because I have deadlines to meet within these 2 weeks and I know it might sound selfish the way I say it but I'll remember to keep them in my prayers.

But lives seem to be taken away too easily these days.
Just be sure to appreciate everyone you love/hate because our life is too precious to be taken for granted.
Love more, judge less, stay safe and be a happier person as long as you live. :)

Oh and about the happy thoughts, it'll have to be my anniversary next week! :)


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